Lights, Hairpins and Little Kicks


Jason and I did a little casual pickin’ this weekend. We stopped at a couple of yard sales on Saturday and at one of them scored a deal on a pair of vintage lamps and a small square footstool with hairpin legs. Jason may or may not have an addiction to buying mid-century lamps…

Sunday after church we swung by the Goodwill for a quick look. Nothing MCM but I did snag a pair of navy blue sneaks for the kid for 2 bills. She’s quite close to walking which means crawling all over the place and pulling up/cruising along anything. Which means very dirty feet if we’re out in the public. I know they’ll only fit for a couple of months so I’m happy to pay $1.99.

Otis the Lamp


I’m naming furnishings again. This is Otis because of all the O’s all over him. Jason, the lamp-lover, spotted this lovely specimen while we were out casually pickin’ the other day. It needs a little TLC. We like the green but it’s chipped in several places so a fresh coat of paint is in its future, as well as straightening the base and rewiring with a new polarized cord set.

Phone Photo Friday


Phone Photo Friday


I’m doing Phone Photo Friday on Thursday this week because tomorrow is a very special day.

Jason and I were down at our property last week and we found this 1950s-60s guitar amp in our yard, by the side of the road. It looked freshly dumped since we’d had rain the night before and it wasn’t wet. A sign from God? A gift from heaven? Very strange! The screen on the front is pale blue. It’ll be a lovely decoration if nothing else.

Tea Party Fiesta


The week before last Jason and I had a bit of a pickers strike out. We went to three estate sales and three thrift stores and walked away with almost nothing. Just a romper and a swim shirt for Precious at the Goodwill and from one estate sale we found these:

A 10-piece set of vintage Fiestaware tea cups and saucers. The saucers are all one shade of turquoise and the cups are 4 different shades of blue and green. Kind of an odd combination but blues and greens are my favorites together so I like it. Jason haggled them down to $10 from $21.

I think when we move into our new home and unpack we’re going to have to purge some teacups and saucers. I’m guessing we have around 40-50 now. Or maybe we should open a coffee shop.

Heads Up


Since there weren’t any good estate sales posted this weekend, Jason and I stopped by a few of our favorite vintage stores. We bought a headboard and a footboard. Sadly, no side beams so we’ll be on the look out for something that will work, or we’ll just build a frame. We’ve been searching for a queen size MCM bed frame for a while. They’re pretty hard to come by. A whole matching bedroom set? Even more rare unless you’re willing to pay a lot. And we’re not. We got this set for $45. Now we’ll be hunting for walnut nightstands to match and perhaps a chest of drawers, too. (This guy will move into one of the kid’s rooms in the new house.)

It’s definitely mid-century style and looks like walnut veneer, though there is no maker mark on it. It was a bit tricky to photograph because it was rainy on Saturday but here it is. I’ll get some better photos once we have it assembled into a bed, which honestly may not happen until we move into our yet-to-be-built house. The unmade bed and green carpet I’m attempting to blur out is our room at my parents’ house where we’re staying until then.

Also at Pre to Post Modern, where we found the bed, I spotted these roller skates and I had a moment. I used to have a pair just like this when I was little! I remember learning to skate in our unfinished basement, making laps around and around the staircase. Man, I wish these had been my size…

I took this photo for a friend who was looking for a retro yellow dining table. Turns out they already found one. If anyone in Nashville is looking for one, this was around $265 at Pre to Post Modern.

My Husband is an 80 Year Old Man


Not really. But Jason will definitely make a cute old man some day. He often wears slip on shoes and cardigan sweaters so he already has the look down. For his birthday last year, I got him a tobacco pipe smoking kit, so now he’s taken the old man style one step further. At the estate sale Saturday where we got the sofa, Jason also picked up a couple more pipes. After a good cleaning, they’re as good as new. Or apparently, better than new since an old pipe already has a good carbon cake built up on the insides of the bowl. Something like that. All I know is, I enjoy sitting down-wind of it. And I think Jason is pretty darn handsome, too.

Mid-Century Sectional Sofa


Jason and I got a tip from my co-worker about an estate sale in a 1960s ranch. We went on Saturday when everything was half off and I was surprised to see that the couch I had spotted in the online preview was still sitting in the living room.

The sofa was covered with junk but we loved the shape and decided to go for it. It was marked $200 so we got it for $100. It was set up in the living room as a straight couch without the rounded corner piece, and we might end up using it that way in our new house. It’s in desperate need of new upholstery and new foam for the seat cushions which were…crunchy, dry-rotted. Gross. One end of the sofa doesn’t have an arm rest, like a chaise, which is pretty sweet. We set it up in the loading bay of our storage facility for a quick photo shoot before we packed it away.

Retro Appliances


I saw this article about red refrigerators on Retro Renovation and it got me thinking… would I ever put a colored fridge in my kitchen? Red is my least favorite color but I started looking at Pam’s links and imagining the possibilities. Maybe a minty green refrigerator?

Or a sky blue?

What about a white vintage style? White would be kind of sexy alongside glossy white cabinets, dark countertops and other stainless appliances.

I have a feeling we’ll end up with stainless but it’s fun to dream. (The above models are around $3500. Yikes!) Here are some inspiring photos:

Source: via Martina on Pinterest

Source: via Martina on Pinterest

Source: via Martina on Pinterest

Mushroom Shakers


Look what Jason brought me back from his journeys around the country—thrifted vintage salt and pepper shakers shaped like mushrooms. And they’re green! Carved on the bottom is “Pat ’76.” There is nothing in the photo for a good size references; they’re about 5 inches tall. I love them.