Josephine at 2 months & 3 months



September 13, 2016: Two months of Josephine. It’s hard to believe it’s been that long but at the same time we’re getting into routines and it almost seems like she’s always been here. She a proper third child: easy going, happy, quiet unless she needs fed or changed, great sleeper. She’s smiling easier now and cooing. Soon she’ll be giggling. We call her Jo, Joey, JoJo and Joey Lou most of the time. Ali says she’s her coconut and proudly introduces her to everyone we meet. Zay calls her YoYo. This past month he’s fallen in love with his baby sister and gives her kisses many times a day. I’m back to work and feeling mostly back to normal.

At 2 months she’s 12 lbs., 24″ long (98th percentile!), wearing size 1 diapers and 3m clothes.


October 13, 2016: Three months old. This month brought Jo’s first giggles. Daddy is the best at making her giggle, and got the first joyful sounds, but now she’s doing it for all of us. JoJo is seriously the best baby, which makes her a big-time trouble maker. She’s so sweet, squishy, snuggly, easy-going and she sleeps all night. I put her in the shared nursery with Zay for a couple of nights but I haven’t figured out a good morning solution yet, so I moved her back to our room for a bit longer. She’s got her own private suite in our closet. Eventually I’ll have to bite the bullet and move her back but for now we’re enjoying the sleepy mornings and I can usually get her fed before Zay starts calling for me. I think Joey is between 13-14 lbs. now, with the plump, kissable cheeks to prove it. She went on her first family road trip last weekend to Dollywood in Pigeon Forge, TN. It’s a special place for our family as we go every fall when Jason plays there with Guy Penrod.


The end of the fourth trimester. I’m feeling pretty comfortable as a mother of three kids. Our days are falling into familiar routines, dictated mostly by feeding and nap times, but still with a fair amount of flexibility. I’m so thankful for friends who are willing to lend a hand while we’re out and about, usually chasing Zay while I’m feeding Jo or holding her while I help him. I’ve got most of my energy back and my body is mostly recovered from childbirth. I’m within 7 lbs. of  what I weighed before getting pregnant with Isaiah in summer 2014 but that matters less to me than the actual condition of my muscles. I still have back pain and I’m glad to know why; I still need to rebuild my core strength, specifically my abs. I asked my sister, who is an OB/GYN, how long it takes belly skin to go back to normal and she said six months, then you have “a new normal.” Last time around I got pregnant five months postpartum so that explains why I don’t remember; it was never all the way back. Three more months. Must do more sit ups…

Some favorite photos of Josephine from the past 2 months:

img_5023 img_5467 img_5746 img_5799 img_5809 img_5894

img_5924 img_5936 img_5948 img_5999