Otis the Lamp

I’m naming furnishings again. This is Otis because of all the O’s all over him. Jason, the lamp-lover, spotted this lovely specimen while we were out casually pickin’ the other day. It needs a little TLC. We like the green but it’s chipped in several places so a fresh coat of paint is in its future, as well as straightening the base and rewiring with a new polarized cord set.


2 Responses to Otis the Lamp

  1. Cheryl says:

    Otis is a very handsome guy…wish I would have found him…cant wait to see him with his new coat of paint

    Cheryl from Ontario

  2. Annie says:

    Love it!!!! We have two lamps in our house. 1 occasionally gets used. The other just collects dust. I would like to be a lamp person. But I’m just not.

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