Tea Party Fiesta

The week before last Jason and I had a bit of a pickers strike out. We went to three estate sales and three thrift stores and walked away with almost nothing. Just a romper and a swim shirt for Precious at the Goodwill and from one estate sale we found these:

A 10-piece set of vintage Fiestaware tea cups and saucers. The saucers are all one shade of turquoise and the cups are 4 different shades of blue and green. Kind of an odd combination but blues and greens are my favorites together so I like it. Jason haggled them down to $10 from $21.

I think when we move into our new home and unpack we’re going to have to purge some teacups and saucers. I’m guessing we have around 40-50 now. Or maybe we should open a coffee shop.


2 Responses to Tea Party Fiesta

  1. Debbie V. says:

    You can’t have too much Fiestaware or drink too much coffee! You got a great deal. I just picked up about 10 more cups and saucers at our Savers for about $6. I love your color combination, too!

  2. bakewithamy says:

    beautiful fiesta! I have mostly new, and a few pieces of vintage. LOVE!

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