I like to say my life is inspired by Art, Faith and Family.


• graphic design (my profession, my hobby, my passion)
• crafts (handmade gifts, toys, clothing, jewelry)
• modern design (interiors, products, fashion)
• mid-century design (vintage style, collectibles, my 1955 atomic ranch, estate sales, thrift stores)
• the beauty of God’s creation
• music (especially that is created by my husband, Jason Ahlbrandt)


• my relationship with God is entwined through every aspect of my life
• my faith inspires my creativity, my relationships, my decisions
• I am inspired by the might, majesty and mystery of God the Father
• I am encouraged by the friendship, faithfulness and favor that I have as a result of my relationship with Jesus Christ
• I enjoy the passion, presence and power of the Holy Spirit


• my husband Jason is my best friend, biggest supporter and encourager, my motivation to be a better me. He is a touring guitarist and singer, as well as a songwriter. I work full time as a graphic designer at a magazine publishing company.
• we were foster parents to a sweet little girl, Ladybug, around 1.5 years old, from July-August 2011. She was reunified with a family member after 5 weeks with us.
• our second daughter and first forever-daughter, Ali, originally nicknamed Precious here, came to us through foster care at 2 months old in September 2011. At 4 months old she was removed from state custody and placed in our custody by a judge. We finalized her adoption onAugust 7, 2012.
 find out why we’re foster parenting here.
• we built a new house to continue foster parenting
• we became foster parents to Buzz, at 2.5 years old, in May 2013
• I have wonderful family living near and far
• I have friends close enough to consider family (framily) and family members I hardly know (sadly)
• I have the most adorable & cuddly chocolate brown cocker spaniel in the world, Lucy


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