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Dreaming of Pegboard


Hubby needed a little more convincing about the pegboard. (He already ok’d the cork-tile idea.) So, I searched through my favorite design/home blogs for some additional pegboard inspiration. Here are some lovely kitchen and hallway options I found:


1. The Haystack Needle: Pegboard Pots & Pans
2. Oh Happy Day – Weekend Project: Pegboard
3. Design*Sponge – Pegboard Wall Unit
4. Poppytalk – House Visit: Diani Fayt
5. Design*Sponge Sneak Peak: Christine Boukamp

What do you think of pegboard? Keep it in the garage?

Awkward Space – solution!


We have an angled wall in between our pantry and hallway. (The green wall with the framed poster.) It’s part of the kitchen but essentially wasted space. We let shoes pile up in the triangular floor space. I’ve been wondering for a while how we could make the best use of that space.


Yesterday inspiration struck when I saw a picture from here of cork tiles used along a stairway. I love how it looks modern and clean but it’s also functional as a tack board! Then today, I read the word “pegboard” somewhere and inspiration strike #2! I remembered this picture I saw many months ago of pegboard used in a kitchen to hang pots and spoons. I love it! (I think I originally saw it  here. There is another great example here.)


So my idea is to put a small wood shelf along the wall at about eye level with cork tiles above and pegboard below. It can be totally blank, clean and simple. OR, it can be used as a message center with photos and notes tacked at the top; odds and ends on the shelf and pegboard hooks below for hanging jackets, purses, scarfs, umbrellas, etc. when guests come over! I’m so excited about the idea! I just made a mock up so I can convince corporate that we need to do this:


(click for credit.)

Cute Crocs?


Is that possible? I saw this picture recently on one of the fashion blogs I follow and was surprised to read that these cute, simple flats are indeed Crocs:


I did a little investigation on and found some other cute options too:




And the best part? The Malindis are $29.99 and the Primas are only $19.99!

((click for source.)

What’s in the Bag?


I’m being very transparent with you (and the world wide) because I was inspired by this.


  • purse – handmade by me
  • french paper moleskine stuffed fulls of sketches & notes on scraps (because I’m white)
  • cash budget envelopes (currently an empty “GROCERY” and $6 in “M’S CLOTHES”)
  • a couple of loose bills (for homeless people or vending machines, whichever I encounter first)
  • checkbook (I think I should make a pretty cover for this, don’t you think?)
  • cell phone
  • floss, pads, moist towelette, lens cleaning cloth
  • wallet from American Apparel
  • business cards & etsy store promos
  • pens, sharpie
  • CG Lipslicks in “hipster”, tweezers, barrette, hair ties
  • “medical” kit (ear plugs, vitamins & advil, contacts), band-aids
  • measuring tape (have I mentioned I like rummage sales?)

Third Life


First it was a sheet. Then it was a curtain. Now, in it’s third life, it’s a purse:


I wear a lot of brown but sometimes I wear black so either color purse is out for me. I hate having to switch purses based on my outfit. Lately I’ve been using a white purse but it gets dirty too quickly. The solution: a bold colored purse. Last fall I looked everywhere for a great deal on a jewel blue purse. This year, I decided to make my own by repurposing some materials I had lying around.


I’m pretty proud of this little bag. I made a liner out of a vintage, flower-pattern sheet with a zipper interior pocket for little hideaways and 3 custom pockets for my cell phone, lipstick and receipts. The flower broach pin/hair clip is from Target.


Phone Photo Friday




CCM Digital – Summer 2009



One of the projects I have the privledge of designing at my job is a quarterly online magazine called CCM Digital. It’s a new release guide featuring faith-based music that’s being released during the quarter. Each issue also features 1 or 2 special sections. In this issue the special features are on worship music and the Christian indie music market.


Check it out, even if you’re not a Christian music fan. The online magazine format is pretty unique as it incorporates hyperlinks, videos and audio right into the “magazine,” which has flipping pages. I hope you enjoy the design, too. This publication is truly a labor love for me, the editor and the other designer who pull this together every 3 months.

Do you read any other digital magazines or online catalogs? What are your favorites?

This is Petey



… also known as Peanut. He’s a baby wren. My kind-hearted friends Jeremy and Leila have been caring for him since Sunday. Poor little guy is the sole survivor after the nest where he and his 4 brothers lived was accidentally bumped by a plumber. Petey was saved by a long black hair that was wrapped around his leg and stuck in the insulation where his mama had built their nest. Monday night I helped Leila feed him a couple of pieces of softened dog food and some water. They’ve also been giving him raw meat, bugs and worms. Petey is growing fast and getting more feathers everyday.

Go, Petey! You can do it! Keep fighting!

Anyone else have the song “I’m a Survivor” running through your head?

From the Driver’s Seat



Loving the new shoes! (Tho I prob shoulda gotten an 8 rather than a 7.5.) Did I mention I got them half price?? Can’t beat that.

I’ve been taking advantage of the fall-like temperatures the past few days by doing what I did all spring: eating lunch in my car. It’s mid-70’s and breezy. Perfect for rolling down the windows and reading while I eat my salad and delicious peach. Sunshine and solitude. Ahhh…

I’m reading The Power of the Praying Wife. It’s one of those books I just keep coming back to time and time again. I love spending my lunch break talking to God!