Lights, Hairpins and Little Kicks


Jason and I did a little casual pickin’ this weekend. We stopped at a couple of yard sales on Saturday and at one of them scored a deal on a pair of vintage lamps and a small square footstool with hairpin legs. Jason may or may not have an addiction to buying mid-century lamps…

Sunday after church we swung by the Goodwill for a quick look. Nothing MCM but I did snag a pair of navy blue sneaks for the kid for 2 bills. She’s quite close to walking which means crawling all over the place and pulling up/cruising along anything. Which means very dirty feet if we’re out in the public. I know they’ll only fit for a couple of months so I’m happy to pay $1.99.

Chair Pair


Let’s pretend for a day that my thoughts are not completely consumed with thoughts about Precious’ situation…

On our most recent thrifting excursion Jason fell in love with 2 mid-century chairs. I like them, I just don’t love them… After a bit of haggling, Jason was toting them down the street to the silver bullet while Precious and I were following along. We ended up paying $40 for the pair. One of them has 2 small rips but sometimes it’s still worth it. We may reupholster them eventually. They’re now crowning the heads of our dining table.

What do you think? I do have to admit they’re more comfortable than our IKEA Gilbert chairs.

Pretty Coasters


While we were in Miami Beach we decided to check out a thrift store that had some good reviews, called SoBe Thrift. I’m thankful we didn’t find anything big because we were a mile from our vehicle. We picked up these two coasters with a funky mid-century pattern on them. We have one at home that we found at a Nashville thrift store. I haven’t investigated to find out the brand of these yet but they remind me a bit of our Franciscan Pottery/Gladding, McBean & Co starburst platter.

I love a cup of tea, especially if it’s in a pretty tea cup. The saucers look great with these blue tea cups.

Sorry for my lack of posting earlier this week. I don’t have any exciting excuse, I just got busy and decided sleeping was more important that blog posting. 🙂