Heads Up

Since there weren’t any good estate sales posted this weekend, Jason and I stopped by a few of our favorite vintage stores. We bought a headboard and a footboard. Sadly, no side beams so we’ll be on the look out for something that will work, or we’ll just build a frame. We’ve been searching for a queen size MCM bed frame for a while. They’re pretty hard to come by. A whole matching bedroom set? Even more rare unless you’re willing to pay a lot. And we’re not. We got this set for $45. Now we’ll be hunting for walnut nightstands to match and perhaps a chest of drawers, too. (This guy will move into one of the kid’s rooms in the new house.)

It’s definitely mid-century style and looks like walnut veneer, though there is no maker mark on it. It was a bit tricky to photograph because it was rainy on Saturday but here it is. I’ll get some better photos once we have it assembled into a bed, which honestly may not happen until we move into our yet-to-be-built house. The unmade bed and green carpet I’m attempting to blur out is our room at my parents’ house where we’re staying until then.

Also at Pre to Post Modern, where we found the bed, I spotted these roller skates and I had a moment. I used to have a pair just like this when I was little! I remember learning to skate in our unfinished basement, making laps around and around the staircase. Man, I wish these had been my size…

I took this photo for a friend who was looking for a retro yellow dining table. Turns out they already found one. If anyone in Nashville is looking for one, this was around $265 at Pre to Post Modern.


7 Responses to Heads Up

  1. Ohhhh! I’ve been to Pre to Post Modern! I hope my parents will take me again when I visit them in Nashville next month. Hopefully you left some good stuff for me! (Cool headboard/footboard!)

    What other antique malls/thrift stores do you like in Nashville? We went to a bunch last time I was there and I can’t remember the names of most of them, one where we had the most success had a giant elvis with duct tape on him out front…that one was called something like weird and wonderful something or other….

    • mahlbrandt says:

      You’re referring to Cool Stuff Weird Things. We’ve found some good stuff there. There are several thrift stores along Charlotte Pike in that area that we frequent. The Southern Thrift is one of our favorites. There is also a Goodwill just a little ways further west down the street. There are a bunch of antique stores on 8th Ave South. We also stopped at the Downtown Antique Mall (sign above) after Pre to Post Modern on Saturday, both on 8th S. Another one of our favorites is the most expensive Wonders on Woodland in East Nashville (our neighborhood). Gas Lamp Antique Mall in 100 Oaks area sometimes has mid-century booths.

  2. Thanks for the list! My parents and I have a great time going to vintage shops while I am visiting…some of these are new ones we haven’t discovered yet. It is a lot of fun to go looking with them, they remember when the stuff was new! 🙂

  3. pdustin says:

    Sooooo jealous! Hadn’t gotten up there till today and I have totally been looking for a queen mid-century bed frame. Guess I’ll have to just be quicker next time.lol! looks gorgeous. Congratulations on it. They ARE truly rare. 🙂

    • mahlbrandt says:

      Keep this in mind when you’re looking: they had three headboards all marked full/double but two were clearly longer. We googled dimensions of a queen mattress and measured the headboard (60″) and realized it was actually queen size.

  4. […] kept going and going. Most recently we traded in our new-ish sofa and bed frame for 1950s sofa and bed frame replacements. It’s not just because we love the style of the vintage replacements; but also […]

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