Isaiah Jason – 10 Months



This was a big month for Isaiah! He started walking on February 16th at 9.5 months. I would be sad about how early he started if it weren’t for my 20w pregnant belly that’s getting bigger by the day. The less I have to carry him, the better… Ten days later I’d say he’s about 60/40 crawling/walking. I’m surprised how much he seems to enjoy walking and will stand up and start even though he can crawl faster. He’s steady and calculated with his steps. Zay has enjoyed a few warm playground play days and he loves the swings. He’s babbling and talking a lot. He definitely knows Dada, Mama, Ali/sister, BaBa (bottle), Bye-bye, Up, Ma (more), Duh duh (doggie), Na na (no, no), Ah da (all done), Yeah. If we say, “Are you sleepy, Zay-Zay?” he’ll lay his head down. So cute. It’s really fun to see him learning and growing and conquering new things everyday. He’s been going to sleep easily at bedtime and nap time again after a brief period where he would cry when I laid him down (separation anxiety I assume). Thankfully that’s going well now after I started implementing a few new techniques. We still wake him up for one last late night bottle before we go to sleep for the night. If we skip it (like I tried to do last night…) he’ll wake up hungry in the middle of the night. Zay is a sweet, delightful guy with an adorable toothy grin. Big sister Ali plays so well with him and they make each other laugh a lot. He adores everyone in his family and vice versa. This past week I set up a full size crib in his room in the very beginning stages of converting his room into a double nursery, making a space for his little sibling who will share his room. He’s 23″ pounds and tall. He’s wearing size 4/5 shoes depending on the brand. He has 6 teeth.


Some photos from the past month:

IMG_1474 IMG_1622 IMG_1660 IMG_1684 IMG_1691



Isaiah Jason – 9 Months



This photo and update are a bit late (he was 9 months old on January 26) because we were in Florida. Isaiah is now crawling super fast and cruising along furniture. I thought maybe he’d take his first steps in Florida but he hasn’t yet. He’s back to sleeping great at night and taking two solid naps. Zay loved the beach sand and splashing around at the pool. He just cut his 5th tooth in the past week and the 6th should be out any day. He’s feeding himself finger foods now and finally getting the hang of chewing without gagging. His favorite things so far are mac & cheese, puffs and scrambled eggs. I’m looking forward to introducing him to a lot more table food in the coming months. Isaiah adores his big sister and vice versa. He’s babbling a lot of baba, mama, dada, alla (Ali), sssta (sister), bye-bye, wee-wee (?), pish (please…we’re trying to teach him “more please”). He claps, waves, gives high fives, blows motorboat and fart sounds with his mouth. He’s a fun kid and he makes us all laugh every day. He’s also the best snuggle-bunny.

At his check up today he weighed 21.7 lbs. and was just shy of 30″ tall. He’s a big healthy boy!


Some highlights from the past month:

IMG_0865 IMG_0872 IMG_0878 IMG_1016 IMG_1019 IMG_1026 IMG_1100 IMG_1142 IMG_1271IMG_1397 IMG_1405