Lights, Hairpins and Little Kicks

Jason and I did a little casual pickin’ this weekend. We stopped at a couple of yard sales on Saturday and at one of them scored a deal on a pair of vintage lamps and a small square footstool with hairpin legs. Jason may or may not have an addiction to buying mid-century lamps…

Sunday after church we swung by the Goodwill for a quick look. Nothing MCM but I did snag a pair of navy blue sneaks for the kid for 2 bills. She’s quite close to walking which means crawling all over the place and pulling up/cruising along anything. Which means very dirty feet if we’re out in the public. I know they’ll only fit for a couple of months so I’m happy to pay $1.99.


3 Responses to Lights, Hairpins and Little Kicks

  1. PDustin says:

    I applaud his possible addiction to MCM lamps! We addicts have to stick together! Nice stool as well. If it has hairpin legs,I buy it.LOL! My son had son little sneakers very similar to those…Brings back memory’s of when he wasn’t 17 :p

  2. Umm, wow- those lamps are fantastic! And that little stool!

  3. Jason Ahlbrandt says:

    I do have a lamp fetish.

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