Posters for Sale


Now that Thanksgiving is over, it seems everyone is getting into the Christmas spirit. Here we’re getting into the almost time to move into the new house spirit. Christmas decorating is in the way, way back of my mind. I wanted to remind you that I put the Wishing You a Shiny Brite Christmas poster back in my Etsy shop again this year. It’s 11×17 and $12 plus shipping.

I’m trying something new this year. I also turned two color variations of the Shiny Brite Christmas poster into downloadable PDFs that can be printed at home on 8.5″ x 11″ paper. They’re $2 a piece and free shipping, of course.

Shiny Brite Poster – Green Print-at-Home   /  Shiny Brite Poster – Brown Print-at-Home



IKEA 2013 Catalog Interactive App


The first three times I thumbed through the new IKEA catalog I wondered what these graphics at the corners of some pages would really unlock and if it was worth the effort of downloading an app. One night I decided to try it out and I ended up going through the whole catalog, using the app, looking for all of the interactive elements. It was fun!

Scanning some pages with the IKEA Catalog app unlock a gallery of more photos of the space or piece of furniture.

Some lead to videos.

Some open an X-ray view of the inside of a cabinet.

Some make a 3-D model of the furniture seem to grow right out of the printed catalog sitting in front of me.

My favorite was the 3-D animated model of the BJURSTA table that demonstrates how the leaves slide out and into the table. I can see how this would be really beneficial.

This is without a doubt the most interactive catalog experience I’ve ever had and the first time I’ve tried an app combined with a print medium.

Have you ever seen anything else like this?

Posters for Sale


I recently got inspired to design a new Welcome Home Mid-Century Modern Poster (maybe because I’ve been longing for “home” so much?) I ordered a few extra so I could restock my Etsy shop. They’re 11×17 and cost $12 plus shipping if you’re interested.

Also, because I get requests for it every year I’ve added the Wishing You a Shiny Brite Christmas poster back to my Etsy shop as well. Same as the Welcome Home poster – 11×17 and $12 plus shipping.

I’m trying something new this year. I also turned two color variations of the Shiny Brite Christmas poster into downloadable PDFs that can be printed at home on 8.5″ x 11″ paper. They’re $2 a piece and free shipping, of course.

Shiny Brite Poster – Green Print-at-Home   /  Shiny Brite Poster – Brown Print-at-Home

I’ll probably mention these again as Christmas gets closer—I know, I know, Christmas decorations on October 1st—but I wanted to get them into my shop early this year so I’m ready to go.

Beautiful Cereal Box


I know it’s silly but for the past 36 hours, since I first saw it at Kroger, I’ve been in love with Mom’s Best Naturals cereal. Now I’m not typically a cereal lover. Lucky Charms was the only cereal I would eat growing up. My breakfast of choice in high school was a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. But I’m a graphic designer by trade and what-can-I-say, I was sold by the packaging. I walked 3 steps past the end cap in Kroger, pulled out my camera and went back to take a picture. As I walked away, posting it on Instagram, I decided I should buy a box and try it. Back at the display for the third time, I was pleasantly surprised that it was only $1.50 a box. I  found raisin bran to try. I’m happy to report that it tastes as good as any raisin bran I’ve ever had, though I’m admittedly not a cereal connoisseur.

Working from Home is Nice


Since December I’ve been able to work from home about one day a week, unless I’m really busy. And the past 2 weeks I was really busy. But yesterday I worked from home and it was nice … blissful, actually!

I woke up and realized my computer was sitting on the floor beside the bed. I worked for almost an hour before even getting up! Then I had a nice sit-down breakfast with pretty vintage dishes. I LOVE Trader Joe’s banana/strawberry yogurt. Top it off with a few just-picked black raspberries… heaven!

Plus I made a pot of tea and a few hard cooked eggs.

Side note … I have to get out this cookbook every time I make hard boiled eggs. Why can’t I just remember – put eggs in pot, bring to boil, simmer for 15 minutes. (One of the three eggs exploded because I let it boil too long.)

My home office is sunny and peaceful. I got to eat lunch with Jason. An afternoon break meant strolling around the beautiful garden to let Lucy out.

And of course, I did some work too. But my desk (on the wall opposite this window) was too messy to photograph! Working from home is the best! I dream of the day I can work from home full time. For now I’ll gratefully accept one day a week.

Upside Down Right Side Up


This kind of graphic design just intrigues me. Wonderful DVD cover for one of the most quotable movies from the 80s – The Princess Bride!

I saw this here.

Advice for Fresh Graphic Designers


(Me at work approx. 3 years ago)

We have a new graphic design intern at my office. She’s still in school but preparing for the job market. It got me thinking about ome valuable advice I got from my professors and some things I wish I had known 3 years ago. Maybe this advice will be worth something to someone out there:

• Learn the keyboard shortcuts. Over time this will make you much more efficient. Added benefit: someone looking over your shoulder will have no idea what you’re doing and be completely impressed.

• Stay organized. Files. Deadlines. Emails. Meetings. Don’t let things pile up.

• Seek out inspiration. When you have free time peruse websites, blogs, magazines, your competitors publications. Become familiar with the things your target market loves.

• Say yes. When someone asks if you have time for a side project say yes. It’s OK to say, “Can it wait until tomorrow?” or “When do you need this? I have a lot going on today.” Don’t roll your eyes, let out a stressed-out sigh, say “maybe” and for-crying-out-loud DO NOT say no!

• Do a good job and work effiiciently. Turn things around quickly, especially unexpected requests, like above. Before long you will the everyone’s favorite designer and the go-to problem solver. Welcome this. It’s job security.

• Volunteer and have a service attitude. When you’re not busy help someone else with their work load. (You may learn some new skills.) When your boss asks if anyone has time to help him move boxes from the storage unit to the new office building. Say yes. And then make the time. Your helpful attitude and hard-work will not go unnoticed.

• Say hi and smile at your co-workers when they walk past your desk. Be friendly. Say yes to lunch offers as often as you can afford. It’s important and useful to know—really know—your co-workers; they’re people with families and full lives, too.

• Look for tutorials for design techniques and new software. Know the free resources for stock art, textures, action sets, fonts. Valuable inspiration and also saves your company money. Don’t be afraid to ask questions. Challenge yourself. Never stop learning.

• Pray for your company; without it’s success you have no job*. Pray for your co-workers. Pray for your bosses. Pray for yourself—for creativity, for inspiration, for efficiency, for a good attitude, for peace, for energy, for raises (doesn’t hurt!).
*By all means, DO NOT curse your company! Do not say “This job is going nowhere.” “This company is going down the tubes.” “I’m on a sinking ship.” I’ve been guilty of saying all these things in the past. Take authority and bless your company, do not speak negativity over it. Speak what you want to happen, not what you do not want to happen. Your words have power.

• The ideal graphic designer is a combination of creative, efficient, organized and cool (enthusiastic, pleasant, stylish, trendy, fun).

Enter to Win this Print from Jenn Ski!


The very talented graphic designer, illustrator, mid-century modern enthusiast and blogger Jenn Ski partnered with me to offer you this beautiful print! (Matted size: 8×10) I love her work and style — creating retro-modern digital collages with interesting textures and an amazing eye for color. She also blogs about her beautiful mid-century home.

Here’s a glimpse of some of the many prints she has available through her Etsy shop. She also has a shop dedicated to vintage finds and another (temporarily closed) shop for vinyl decals.

All you have to do to enter is leave a comment tell me what city you’re from, just cuz I’m curious.
(If you don’t want to tell me, that’s fine, just say hi!)

Contest closes Friday night at 5pm CST. Only one entry per e-mail address please.

By the way, friends and family members are welcome to enter! You are probably 50% of my readers.

Are You Happy?


I found this poster through INK & WIT and followed the blog trail until I could eventually find how to purchase it from the designer.

Flow charts are always fun and I love the philosophy – if you’re not happy, change something! Jason noted that if you either always say yes or always say no, you get “Keep doing what you’ve been doing.” And, if you don’t start saying “yes” you’ll never get to happiness.

Side note: Have you ever seen Yes Man? Good movie.

I finally got the poster in the mail and found the perfect spot to hang it. We’ve got this funky angled wall in the kitchen. (Someday I’m going to cover it with pegboard & cork.)

It can also be seen from the living room, which is the temporary home for our mid-century modern credenza that’s destined to become our master bathroom vanity.

And, most importantly, it’s in a place where I’ll see it every morning as I head out the door.

(Click • for source.)

Observations on Working from Home


Last week one day my boss let me work from home for the first time. I LOVED it. Here are some reflections from throughout the day:

8:06 am
No shower, no make-up.
Holey jeans, zip-up hoodie, fuzzy socks that don’t match & my winter hat.
Sunlight is pouring in the window.
I’ve got a pot of my favorite tea, a bowl of cocoa pebbles and a clementine for breakfast.
I’m getting started an hour earlier than usual.

2:13 pm
Having a more productive day than yesterday and the day before.
Maybe combined.
But I set the bar pretty low the past 2 days.
Nonetheless, I’m feeling pretty good about this arrangement.
Thinking of taking the dog for a brisk walk before it gets dark.

I’m praying that this is a new arrangement I’ll be able to do at least once a week. I LOVE saving 1 hour a day (drive time) and gas money and most of all getting to work in a quiet sunny office 10 steps away from my bed.