Are You Happy?

I found this poster through INK & WIT and followed the blog trail until I could eventually find how to purchase it from the designer.

Flow charts are always fun and I love the philosophy – if you’re not happy, change something! Jason noted that if you either always say yes or always say no, you get “Keep doing what you’ve been doing.” And, if you don’t start saying “yes” you’ll never get to happiness.

Side note: Have you ever seen Yes Man? Good movie.

I finally got the poster in the mail and found the perfect spot to hang it. We’ve got this funky angled wall in the kitchen. (Someday I’m going to cover it with pegboard & cork.)

It can also be seen from the living room, which is the temporary home for our mid-century modern credenza that’s destined to become our master bathroom vanity.

And, most importantly, it’s in a place where I’ll see it every morning as I head out the door.

(Click • for source.)

5 Responses to Are You Happy?

  1. […] blog my mcm life postou um interessante e espirituoso flow chart. […]

  2. Amy says:

    love it! i have a flow chart on my thing at work from Katie and it’s called “A Guide to Understanding Flow Charts” and says “do you understand them” “yes” “good” “lets go drink” hah! it’s funny. i don’t know where it came from, but i checked for a link and found it here:

  3. Great poster, Martina. I love it!

  4. sean says:

    Speaking of happiness and modern architecture, have you visited unhappyhipsters? Hilarious!

  5. […] a small coat rack from IKEA, painted it the same teal as my home office nook and hung it below my Are You Happy? flow chart. Quick easy solution. Filed Under: Select Category Art Art: bathroom renovation […]

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