Working from Home is Nice


Since December I’ve been able to work from home about one day a week, unless I’m really busy. And the past 2 weeks I was really busy. But yesterday I worked from home and it was nice … blissful, actually!

I woke up and realized my computer was sitting on the floor beside the bed. I worked for almost an hour before even getting up! Then I had a nice sit-down breakfast with pretty vintage dishes. I LOVE Trader Joe’s banana/strawberry yogurt. Top it off with a few just-picked black raspberries… heaven!

Plus I made a pot of tea and a few hard cooked eggs.

Side note … I have to get out this cookbook every time I make hard boiled eggs. Why can’t I just remember – put eggs in pot, bring to boil, simmer for 15 minutes. (One of the three eggs exploded because I let it boil too long.)

My home office is sunny and peaceful. I got to eat lunch with Jason. An afternoon break meant strolling around the beautiful garden to let Lucy out.

And of course, I did some work too. But my desk (on the wall opposite this window) was too messy to photograph! Working from home is the best! I dream of the day I can work from home full time. For now I’ll gratefully accept one day a week.

Observations on Working from Home


Last week one day my boss let me work from home for the first time. I LOVED it. Here are some reflections from throughout the day:

8:06 am
No shower, no make-up.
Holey jeans, zip-up hoodie, fuzzy socks that don’t match & my winter hat.
Sunlight is pouring in the window.
I’ve got a pot of my favorite tea, a bowl of cocoa pebbles and a clementine for breakfast.
I’m getting started an hour earlier than usual.

2:13 pm
Having a more productive day than yesterday and the day before.
Maybe combined.
But I set the bar pretty low the past 2 days.
Nonetheless, I’m feeling pretty good about this arrangement.
Thinking of taking the dog for a brisk walk before it gets dark.

I’m praying that this is a new arrangement I’ll be able to do at least once a week. I LOVE saving 1 hour a day (drive time) and gas money and most of all getting to work in a quiet sunny office 10 steps away from my bed.