Observations on Working from Home

Last week one day my boss let me work from home for the first time. I LOVED it. Here are some reflections from throughout the day:

8:06 am
No shower, no make-up.
Holey jeans, zip-up hoodie, fuzzy socks that don’t match & my winter hat.
Sunlight is pouring in the window.
I’ve got a pot of my favorite tea, a bowl of cocoa pebbles and a clementine for breakfast.
I’m getting started an hour earlier than usual.

2:13 pm
Having a more productive day than yesterday and the day before.
Maybe combined.
But I set the bar pretty low the past 2 days.
Nonetheless, I’m feeling pretty good about this arrangement.
Thinking of taking the dog for a brisk walk before it gets dark.

I’m praying that this is a new arrangement I’ll be able to do at least once a week. I LOVE saving 1 hour a day (drive time) and gas money and most of all getting to work in a quiet sunny office 10 steps away from my bed.

2 Responses to Observations on Working from Home

  1. Amy says:

    THAT SOUNDS GLORIOUS! i’m so jealous. maybe some day my bosses will let me do that. before i decide to change careers. hahah 😉
    (however i don’t have a nice office to work in at home at the moment)
    they aren’t here that often (meetings, etc), so i can be on my own…but i do have to be here to answer phones…sooo that’s kind of a bummer…

    • mahlbrandt says:

      Well, it came out of office space down-sizing (much better than staff down-sizing which we had to do a year & a half ago), when we had no choice but to have a bunch of people work from home. They never asked me to work from home so I finally asked if I could. We decided to try 1 day a week for now. I think this is so the way of the future.

      And about the phone, we have VOiP so I can either take my phone home or I can set it up to forward to my cell phone really easily.

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