Our Vegetable (& Fruit) Garden – June 2010


In a continuation of Thursday’s post about our garden, here is a look around our vegetable garden and the fruit trees, plants & bushes we have around our yard.

Our green and red pepper plants are not doing so great and we’re not sure why. The plants each have a pepper but have few yellowish leaves and don’t seem to be growing much. We have one head of romaine lettuce, one brussel sprout plant and lots of grape, cherry, better boy and beef steak tomatoes. (BTW, we’re much happier with the beef steak than the better boy this year. I think this is the last year we’re going to plant better boy.)

The peach tree is doing pretty well. We have some little black spots on our peaches but not the big black mold spots like last year (known as Black Spot, from too much rain.)

I can’t wait for these babies to get ripe!

I’ve been loving the black raspberries this year! I’m looking forward to the bush getting bigger so we can eat more than 1 or 2 berries at a time.

Foreground – flowering yucca in our cactus garden. Background, l-r – vegetable garden, compost bin, peach tree.

I know it’s out of focus but that there is a cute, teeny little watermelon. We have 3 or 4 of these pea size cuties so far.

Jason’s Mexican (key) lime tree is looking good. I wonder if we’ll have enough to make a key lime pie.


Phone Photo Friday


Our Garden – June 2010


Are you ever just sitting somewhere enjoying a lovely scene and you think “I should take a picture!” That’s what happened last night while I was sitting out on the patio eating a popsicle. I am so grateful for our beautiful garden and sometimes I become like a proud mama with my camera …

it was getting dark so the lighting on these photos was weird and I was experimenting.

Here’s our garden last month if you’d like to compare: Our Garden – May 2010

Jeré Owl


I wish I could say this Curtis Jeré owl is now sitting on my bookshelf at home but alas … it’s price tag kept it anchored to the shelf at Wonders on Woodland. If you have an extra $225 lying around this beautiful piece of metal sculpture could be yours or … mine if you buy it and then give it to me. That would be fine. Have I mentioned my birthday is on Saturday?

For now, I’ll just enjoy this photo taken with J’s phone.

Bathroom Renovation Stage 13


It’s been a while since I’ve updated about our master bathroom renovation. That’s because we stopped working on it for a while. But, I do have some good news to report – the sink and vanity are installed!

Jason and I tiled the top of the vanity and then he put in the sink and faucet and did all the plumbing.

The bathroom is almost completely done. Just a few finishing touches that we’ll get around to eventually … baseboards, a door to the laundry room, caulking around the vanity. But it’s mostly done and fully functional. Yay!

In case you’re bored:

Bathroom Renovation Stage 1

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Bathroom Renovation: Tiling!

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Concrete Shower Pan Goes Down Smooth

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Bathroom Renovation Stage 12



Seven years. Today is Jason’s and my 7th wedding anniversary. Something feels significant about this one. I’m not sure why. Maybe because of the 7 year itch. Maybe the Biblical significance of the number 7.

We decided to celebrate yesterday (thank God because I’m actually sick today–which is why I’m posting so late.) I didn’t have my camera so sorry, no pictures. We had a romanic date – a picnic dinner (Buca di Beppo ToGo) at the park while listening to the Nashville Symphony.

[Warning … much sappiness to follow:]

I feel very blessed to be Jason’s wife. He’s an incredible man—thoughtful, sensitive, hard-working, talented, funny, handsome, creative, loving, faithful, sweet, protective, optimistic, passionate. On top of all that he loves to garden, cook and keep a clean house (don’t be jealous!). And of course, we share a love of mid-century modern design and vintage collectibles which means we get to enjoy our hobby together.

Jason, thank you for being my husband. I love you more than anything in the world! This has been quite a year…

I loved being with you as you stepped faithfully into the world of being a fully self-employed musician. It’s been a great time of stretching and learning to trust God completely. He has never let us down. I loved being able to encourage you and pray you through that transition.

I loved watching you become proud “Uncle” Jason when our closest friends had babies. I loved witnessing your heart melt over and over again each time you held little Ben or Mikaelyn. I know you’ll make an awesome daddy and seeing you in that “uncle” role makes me so look forward to that day!

You hate this picture with the rainbow umbrella but I think you look sexy! I loved having you by my side through way-too-many social engagements and family get-togethers this year. Do you ever wish we could just sneak off and be alone for a few weeks? (Seriously, though, we love all of our friends and family!)

I loved hunting through estate sales, thrift stores, antique stores and yard sales with you searching out diamonds in the rough. We found a lot of good ones this year!

I loved working on our master bathroom renovation with you. (OK, I didn’t love every part of it, but I’m glad we did it ourselves and I think we make a pretty awesome team.) I appreciate how hard you worked, often spending several more hours after I gave up and went to bed. It was always a nice surprise to wake up and check out how much progress was made overnight.

I loved working in the garden with you … but mostly watching you work in the garden. But thanks for teaching me how to love and take care for plants, for making our yard beautiful and for accepting requests to plant whatever I want — raspberries, daisies, blueberries, zinnia etc. — even though you do 95% of the work.

I loved how you dropped everything during and after the flood so you could focus all your energy on helping our friends. I loved how you never once complained about how tired you were or your lose of income and work time. You are a good friend and I love that about you.

I loved watching you play guitar on stage, at church, at home and even by the campfire. (And I love how you stand on your toes when you sing!) I loved watching you change into a supporting role of lead guitarist, producer and engineer whenever necessary to help grow the careers of other musicians. I love your heart to serve others and your humility to honor others above yourself.

Obviously, I could go on and on about how much I love you and how much I love being your wife and the great privilege it is to be by your side through this life. Thank you for seven wonderful years. I’m looking forward to the next 70!

PS. Also, thank you for being the designated meat griller, spider killer and jar opener. You’re my hero! And, I’m glad I’ll always be the wife of your youth. 😉

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