Where’s Jason?


Last Wednesday Jason returned home from a 3 week trip to Sweden, Norway, Amsterdam and Faroe Islands. You wouldn’t know by these pictures but he was actually there as a guitarist with a country band. They had a good amount of time off to explore which is a rare treat on this kind of tour.

A few days into the trip Jason started channeling some Where’s Waldo? every time his buddy Jonathan’s camera was pointed at him.

I thought it was sweet – like he was waving to me! I missed him a lot so I would stalk Jonathan’s facebook everyday waiting for the almost-daily photo uploads which meant they were back to their hotel and Jason would be on Skype soon.

It is SO good to have my husband back!

I’ve said this before but it proved even truer after 3 weeks. Without times of separation we would never experience the immeasurable joy of being reunited—one of the greatest feelings God created.

Coming Home


The Pioneer Woman ran a photo contest last week called Coming Home. Originally, this photo was posted in the contest called Happiness. Tears welled up in my eyes when I saw this photo of a soldier returning home from Iraq to his wife and 6 day old baby girl.

Joyful reunion must be one of the greatest feelings God created. There is nothing else quite like the immense joy of coming back together after a separation filled with pain and longing.

Jason has been away on a tour for two weeks. (He’ll be home today – YAY!) I know two weeks is nothing compared to what military wives or even what many other musicians wives go through. But its still a long time and I’ve missed him bad. But these photos of Coming Home have helped me remember without being apart, we wouldn’t have the immeasurable happiness of being reunited.