Mid-century Modern Treasures from the Nati

As I mentioned last week, over Memorial Day weekend I visited my wonderful friends in Cincinnati. We spent most of our days hopping around from one antique store to another looking for mid-century modern goodies. We were not disappointed!

I fell in love with this Sessions A-frame wood clock the instant I saw it. It has a key to wind it up. How cool is that? It ticks really loudly.

Got this 1970’s Yamaha classical guitar for Jason. He’s still grieving the Manuel Rodriguez classical he sold after college. Maybe this will help a little. It is a cedar top – his favorite.

Corning Ware skillet with blue and yellow flowers

Pyrex blue and white Amish casserole

Anchor Hocking candlestick pattern casserole

And last but certainly not least, this original gouache painting signed by Dick West. The vendor believed it’s an interior designer’s rendering for a client. As a graphic designer who loves mid-century home design, I think this piece is really special.

3 Responses to Mid-century Modern Treasures from the Nati

  1. Amy says:

    oh MAN! so love that rendering! that is super awesome! also, that clock is very cool! i wish we had places around erie that had stuff close to this great!!

  2. Artswebshow says:

    nice, these are some really cool finds

  3. carmel says:

    Fabulous finds! I wish I had the time to trawl through antique shops. I think you Americans would have a greater range than here in Australia. I so love the designer’s rendering. It’s superb!

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