Phone Photo Friday


One of the shops in Cincinnati we checked out while hunting for mid-century modern treasures.


Lamp, Pitcher & Utensil Tray {MCM thrift store finds}


We picked up a couple of little treasures on a recent trip around the Nashville thrift stores.

A retro green silverware tray – not too exciting but I love the color and it has more slots than our old one. And it was 75¢!

Jason’s never going to let me forget that he spotted this lamp FROM THE STREET! Meaning: we were driving past one thrift store on the way to drop off our garage sale junk at the Goodwill and he saw this lamp out of the corner of his eye through the window of the thrift store. That man has eagle vision!

We still need a shade. It had an ugly one paired with it that we left at the store. No thanks. Price: $6.99.

Jason also spotted this neat round plastic carafe. The brand is Alfi and it’s made in Germany.

Sadly, in it’s beautiful roundness it rolled off the counter top and the top broke. It’s no longer a functional piece but it still looks pretty on our display shelf.

Life is Like a Bowl of Peaches



We got four of these bowls at an antique store recently. Thirty minutes prior we found 3 matching saucers at a thrift store on the same street. In May we found a matching pitcher at a yard sale. Last fall we found 2 pitchers, a dinner plate, a saucer and 5 tea cups in green in the same pattern at an estate sale. So it seems we have a bit of an unusual collection developing here.


The pitcher on the right now belongs to my good friend and fellow MCM home owner. (Rê, I forgot to give you the lid!)


(Sorry, the above pic is really flashed out.) What drives me crazy is that I can’t figure out who makes these! There is no maker’s mark on the bottom and I’ve tried searching for mid-century dinnerware dishes scalloped half-circle pattern glazed gold green ceramic … and every combination of those words with no avail. Has anyone ever seen these?? Please help!

“Hey, where do you keep your coffee, sugar and flour?”



That’s a running joke in this house thanks to our funny friend Matt.


This is not a new MCM find but I don’t think I’ve blogged about it before. Jasey and I found this canister set at a yard sale earlier this summer marked for $3.


The owners offered to sell it to us for $2. I would have been thrilled to pay full price!

Five Times the Fun


Friday afternoon while I was enjoying a Pumpkin Spice Latte with my friend Rachel (after getting dismissed from work early!), I got this picture text from my hubby:


I called back immediately and said, “Where are you? Where did you see those chairs?” A couple hours and 6 antique stores later we had these 2 turquoise chairs and 3 similar white ones puzzled into the back of our little Ford Focus. Here are the blue ones after my awesome husband spent hours scrubbing off mildew stains, washing, sealing, and painting the very rusty legs:


(Yes, the color really did become more intense once they were clean!) It’s hard to tell from a distance but these two actually have a very retro concentric circle pattern.


We have 4 wood and chrome Gilbert chairs from IKEA around our dining room table but we’ve been thinking it would be nice to add 2 more unique chairs at the heads of the table. I love how these match our color palette.


We purchased 3 identical white chairs. All 5 of the chairs had been stored outside and were horribly dirty. I really didn’t think these could come clean. Thank God I’m married to a goal-oriented, super hard-working perfectionist because he got this white chair looking like new! (Two more to go.)


I LOVE LOVE LOVE the mid-century modern style of these chairs. They’re just plastic, not fiberglass like an Eames or Herman Miller (or a Modernica replica) but the were only $9 average and they’ll suite us just fine.

We did see a black Herman Miller chair at an antique store in Nolensville for $85 if anyone is interested…

2009 East Nashville Tomato Art Fest


One of my favorite things about East Nashville is the annual Tomato Art Fest in historic 5-Points. There are all kinds of activities like a 5K run, red-head contests, tomato beauty pageants, NOLA-style parade, vintage fashion shows, local artisan vendors, burrito eating contests, wine tastings, bloody mary contests, lots of tomato inspired art and like every Nashville festival — tons of live music. I’ll let the photos do most of the talking.




Wonders on Woodland mid-century antiques:


More vintage items for sale out front. I Dream of Weenie in the background. (I love these goofballs.)



Fanny’s House of Music:


The Groove new & used vinyl, CD’s & more:


One woman’s trash


… is heaved into the back of the car in a “questionable” neighborhood in Cincinnati and hauled 280 miles back to Nashville.


Missing 1 drawer and loaded with scratches but this mid-century modern credenza/dresser was FREE. Isn’t it beautiful? I had no grasp of how huge this piece was until we carried into our house. Also, without the adrenaline rush, this sucker is HEAVY! It’s 53″ long. Too big for the living room. Too big for the dining room. Too big for my office. … But perfect for our bedroom!