Peddling Together into Marriage


Between Christmas parties, cookie making, work, present wrapping and working on CCM, I’ve been finishing up two sets of Bicycle Built for Two wedding stationery this week. This is just one of several sets of wedding invitations available through my shop Light Hand Design. It may not have anything to do with mid-century modern homes and housewares but I love designing wedding invitations! (Shameless self-promotion.)

Front of invitation, RSVP card & thank you card:


Salem Biscayne China {a MCM thrift store find}


I’ll never forget the first mid-century modern treasure Jason and I bought. We debated about whether or not we should pay $2 for a random platter and were surprised months later when we discover it was worth $50 and a legitimate collectible. A few months later we hit the mid-century antique furniture jackpot with our American by Martinsville end tables and coffee table.

A couple of weeks ago we struck gold again. Out on a leisurely thrift store stroll, we came across a set of mid-century modern dishes. What made this lightly used china so special was the size of the set. We couldn’t believe it: 9 teacups, 9 saucers, salt & pepper shakers, creamer, sugar bowl, gravy bowl, serving platter, serving bowl (not pictured), 6 dinner plates, 6 dessert plates, 6 cereal bowls and 6 small bowls.

Even though the price was amazing, I wasn’t sure I liked the pattern enough to own these so we walked out. (Not a big flower pattern fan.) As I suspected, after some googling a couple days later I regretted my decision and my wonderful husband went back to the place and scooped them up.

I can’t believe we almost missed out on these. Thank God for second chances. We’re thrilled with this Salem Biscayne china, especially after discovering it’s worth 6-10x what we paid for it—not that we plan on selling.

Metabolic Frolic in the Morning


Every morning I sit down at my cubicle to check my e-mails and google reader while I sip a cup of tea. The past several months I’ve been delighted to have my absolute favorite tea.

Republic of Tea – Mango Ceylon
Metabolic Frolic Tea
Fruity Black Tea Blended with Blossoms

I am a tea lover but I prefer black tea (especially ceylon). Please don’t bother telling me about your favorite green tea or herbal tea. If you’ve never had Republic, give it a chance. They’re my all time favorite tea maker and they’ve got 100s of varieties. It’s a little bit hard to find. You can get it by the cup at Panera Bread or buy the canisters (50 bags for around $10) from Fresh Market, Books-a-Million, Whole Foods, Wegmans or online.

Phone Photo Friday


Pretty, colorful, vintage dishes are worth washing by hand.

Sideways Stories from Wayside School


Hands down my favorite book in fourth grade: Sideways Stories from Wayside School by Louis Sachar. HILARIOUS! The character development is epic.

The sequel, Wayside School is Falling Down was pretty dang funny too.

In case you were looking for some new reading material.

Wishing You a Shiny Brite Christmas


I love my vintage Shiny Brite ornaments … as you can see from my Christmas decor the past few years. This year I was inspired to make a Christmas poster to add to our decor, ya know, being a graphic designer and all. I scanned one of my Shiny Brite boxes and made a design based off of it. I had so much fun making these.

The first one is the original.

I know it’s hard to read at this size … I changed the words to read “Wishing You a Shiny Brite Christmas.”

I’d sell this poster in my etsy shop but I have a feeling I’m infringing on copyrights here.

I’m going to order the last one for my home – brown, red and white. I’m thinking white frame.

Which color combination do you like best?

A Year Ago {glimpse of east nashville atomic}


Our little East Nashville Atomic ranch is an ever-changing canvas. I love that we’re always removing boring items (from IKEA mostly) and replacing them with rare & interesting collectibles.

I was just looking back at the wonderful photos we had taken last October by the very talented photographer, Beth Rose Goin. There are a couple of publications I’d like to submit photos to but I just can’t bear to send these off knowing how much the rooms have changed since they were taken. Here is one of the few corners of our house that has not changed much in the past 14 months:


I think I may just have to hire Beth Rose in the spring for another shoot.

Someone Must Have Googled It


Have you ever started typing a question into Google search and had some odd suggestions pop up? I found this quite amusing and addicting.

Important questions like: Why is there a dead pakistani on my couch? and Why is my poop green?

Some poor fella is wondering: How come when I talk to girls on facebook they don’t answer me back?

A lot of people asking questions about babies and pregnancy. Understandable.

Why does love always feel like a battlefield? I admit I’ve googled the asparagus question before.

Now I’m wondering Why can’t I own a Canadian?

And Why shouldn’t you pass out with shoes on? or Why shouldn’t you put bananas in the refrigerator?

Phone Photo Friday


We were those crazies who get up at 4:00am on black Friday to go to Target.
We waited in the heat in the car until 5:00am and watched the line file in.
We got big ol’ LCD tv for 27% off, stopped at the drive-thru for egg mcmuffins, and fell asleep on the couch watching a movie at 7:00am.

Capitalism at its finest. We did our part for the economy.

Free December Calendar


I just created a December calendar for my computer background (desktop wallpaper). It’s a sort of collage/montage of my dining room table set for Christmas.

Would anyone like a copy? The only problem is, it’s formatted for my macbook pro (1440×900). If you want it in a different size, let me know and I’ll see what I can do.

If you click on the image above it will open the full size (1440×900) where you can right click or drag on to your desktop to save.

Let me know if you like this idea. I’m thinking about making one every month in Twenty Ten as a free gift for my mid-century modern life readers.