Mama’s Little Helper



I took this little lady grocery shopping with me the other day. We weren’t in a rush and the store wasn’t busy so when she didn’t want to ride in the shopping cart I decided to let her walk for the first time. She got so much attention with her stylish boots, little purse, (Dora sticker on her face…) and her out-going personality. I think she said hi to every person in the store and had at least 5 conversations about how old she is and what her name. She was thrilled to look at the live lobsters and knew what they were (maybe from shopping with her daddy, I’ve never talked to her about them before). I would hand her a item, like an orange or a box of rice, and she would drop it into the cart for me. I even let her choose a couple things for me… red grapes or green grapes? (She chose red.) Mac and cheese in a fun shape. Fruit snacks (her new obsession), even though we had a box at home. She carried the fruit snacks under her arm for the duration of our shopping. She told me she was carrying them in her armpit. She was usually trailing 5-10 feet behind me as I walked up and down the aisles pushing our cart. At one point I looked back and noticed she would take a few steps, turn around in a circle, take a few more steps, turn in a circle. She has such a passion for life and an incredible joy even at the small things. I decided to follow her lead…take a few steps, turn in a circle, take a few steps, turn in a circle. Her vitality is contagious. And she thought it was pretty great, too.

I must note: Publix employees are amazing! They all stopped to talk to her and offer her samples. While we were checking out she told one of the ladies that she had to go potty. She offered to take her for me (I declined that…that would have been weird) but then they offered to finish bagging my groceries and I could pay when we were done in the restroom so my little 2 year old wouldn’t have to hold it too long. After we finished up and paid, the older woman who bagged our groceries pushed our cart out to our van and insisted on loading it all herself so I could buckle Ali in. It was such a wonderful grocery shopping experience!

Bed Post


I’m writing this blog post from bed. Normally, I wouldn’t mention something like that but this happens to be a brand new mattress. After putting it off way too long, we decided to finally bite the bullet and buy a new mattress. A $50 Groupon for $200 off at Mattress Firm helped us narrow down where to do our shopping. We were pleasantly surprised by the not pushy salesman. The first mattress we tried ended up being our favorite even though we tried probably 6 others. And the salesman gave us a good deal; or at least made us feel like we were getting a good deal. We paid around $550 for a queen size Sealy Posturepedic Pillow Top. Feel free to let me know if we got ripped off but we’re feeling pretty good about it.

Oh, and it feels pretty good, too. It’s wonderfully comfortable for back sleeping. We both tend to be side sleepers and the extra padding of a pillow top (memory foam in this case) is better for side sleepers. Our one concern though—and it could be a deal breaker—it’s really hot. Does anyone else out there have experience with a pillow top or a memory foam mattress? It seems to really insulate body heat. We took our 3-in-1 down comforter to just the thinnest layer and we’re still waking up hot several times a night. Not cool. Literally. Please send advice! Will we get used to it?

Random side note: the delivery guys gave us a mint with our receipt. A little white package with the Mattress Firm logo on it. How dumb, I thought. Why a mint? When I finally tore it open after dinner last night, I realized it’s a pillow mint. Brilliant!

Phone Photo Friday


We were those crazies who get up at 4:00am on black Friday to go to Target.
We waited in the heat in the car until 5:00am and watched the line file in.
We got big ol’ LCD tv for 27% off, stopped at the drive-thru for egg mcmuffins, and fell asleep on the couch watching a movie at 7:00am.

Capitalism at its finest. We did our part for the economy.