A Year Ago {glimpse of east nashville atomic}


Our little East Nashville Atomic ranch is an ever-changing canvas. I love that we’re always removing boring items (from IKEA mostly) and replacing them with rare & interesting collectibles.

I was just looking back at the wonderful photos we had taken last October by the very talented photographer, Beth Rose Goin. There are a couple of publications I’d like to submit photos to but I just can’t bear to send these off knowing how much the rooms have changed since they were taken. Here is one of the few corners of our house that has not changed much in the past 14 months:


I think I may just have to hire Beth Rose in the spring for another shoot.

Companion Lamp {mcm thrift store find}


In September we found a mid-century modern Paulding lamp at a Nashville thrift store. While we were in Erie, PA a few weeks ago, we found a companion lamp for the other side of the living room. The styles are different but they’re both blue-green, retro and fit nicely in our atomic ranch.



Here’s a side by side comparison of the lamp buddies. They have matching shades from Target.


Drive-By Shooting (MCM Architecture)




Location: NW Nashville/Bordeaux

Drive-By Shooting (MCM Architecture)




Location: NW Nashville/Bordeaux

Bathroom Renovation Stage 1 of 10


Master bathroom renovations have begun! I forgot to take a true before picture and because our master bath is our least favorite room in our house … we don’t have many pictures of it in the before state. Here’s what I do have:


(Notice the builders’ beige? The only place it’s left in the house.) I created this floor plan a few months ago, which shows how getting rid of the wall around the toilet will create more room for a vanity and building in a large shower will create a separated laundry room (not to scale):


The picture below shows the french door into the master bedroom, the door to the toilet closet and the toilet closet. (Why are bathrooms so hard to photograph?)


We plan to do the walls of the shower and the laundry room and bathroom floors in large gray slate-like tiles. The shower floor and vanity counter-top will be some kind of pretty small tiles. Mid-century 1″ square tiles if we can find some at a salvage yard or online. Any supplier suggestions? Also, we’re hunting for the perfect mid-century vanity/credenza/cabinet/dresser to use as a sink vanity.

By the way, I don’t know if the reno will be 10 stages but we’re definitely taking our time, doing one thing at a time.