Bathroom Renovation Stage 6


Moving along on the bathroom renovation one Saturday at a time. Last weekend we put up more of the tile. Eight sq ft are now up. Only 112 more to go. Can you see why this is going to take a while?

Also, we finished up all the concrete board. (I use “we” very loosely here. I wasn’t feeling great but I am excellent at providing moral support.) We covered the curb so now the concrete shower pan can be poured at any time:

On one side of the shower we built in 2 shelves for shampoo, conditioner, soap, shaving cream, etc. (As the woman of the house and the obsessive organizer, I’m taking credit for this idea.)

Things to do in the near future: pour shower pan, install rain shower in ceiling and plumbing in wall, install recessed light in shower, install ceiling shower fan, put up 112 more sq ft of tiny tiles.

Trying hard not to lose momentum here!

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Bathroom Renovation: Tiling!


I’m not calling this a stage because it’s not really a stage change in the bathroom. The tile arrived over the weekend and on Monday, Jason and I decided to put up 2 square feet to see how it looks. We have 2 different colors of .75″ x .75″ tile that come in 1 sq ft sheets and it’s up to us to pop off 50% of the tiles (112 per sheet) to make a random pattern.

Let me just say that this process sucks. It takes a lot longer than I anticipated and the mesh is like sandpaper on my fingers! But I know it will all be worth it. Jason and I are really pleased with how it looks once the 2 colors are randomized together:

It took us 20-30 minutes to make 2 sq ft. So … multiply that by 60 (120 sq ft total) and it looks like we can plan on 20-30 hours of tile popping. That’s not counting installing the tiles on the wall.

… Putting each tile we popped off back into the other color sheet …

… And making sure they’re all straight and flush. But it’s going to be SOOOOO worth it! I can’t wait to see how it’ll look when the whole shower is done.

Meanwhile we still have a couple of sheets of concrete board to hang and the shower pan to pour. Once we realized how long the tile is going to take we figured we’d better get started right away so we can takes breaks to do other parts of the process.

Yes, I know we’re crazy. Did I mention we got a really good deal on the tile?

Bathroom Renovation Stage 5


Wow – a lot got done this week! First we cleaned out all the rubble and moved all the salvageable and scrap drywall pieces into the laundry room (we have a laundry room!). Next, we cut a hole in the floor so we could move the vent.


Then, while Jason was prying up wood flooring we had the first accident of our renovation. A board went airborne and hit Jason in the face causing a top tooth to cut deep into his bottom lip. It was pretty bloody then purple for a couple of days but thankfully, nothing major.

Once the flooring was removed we installed drain flange and the rubber PVC liner for the shower pan. Then we hung the concrete backer board on the shower walls – that’s the moisture tolerant concrete material on which we mount the tiles. Notice Jason’s mask? Yeah, after 3 weeks of inhaling drywall dust and waking up in the middle of the night with dry throats we finally decided to buy some masks.


We didn’t finish hanging the board because it got too late and we needed to actually clean up the bathroom. I’m pleased to report that we’re taking a break from renovations this weekend because our friends from Erie are visiting. Yay! Maybe I’ll have something other than bathroom renovation to blog about next week. Look how “clean” it is, you can actually see the floor in this picture!


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Bathroom Renovation Stage 4


Ok, so I’m reluctant to even call this a stage because it’s kind of in-between two stages. We did demo 2 weekends ago and last weekend we started reconstruction. It’s so fun to start framing the walls! I already feel like I have a laundry “room” and we can finally get a sense of the size of the shower.


We got this far—framing the walls that divide off the laundry room and walk-in shower—using only the repurposed wood from the toilet closet Jason tore down. Talk about reduce, reuse and recycle!


We need at least 4 more 2×4’s, maybe more depending on what kind of built in shelves we decide on in the shower. That’s not bad, though! I’m sorry these pictures don’t give you a scope of the whole space; they were all taken from the doorway.

I’m excited to get back to work on the bathroom this weekend. First priority: clear out all the debris we can’t reuse (door from toilet closet, wood door jam, broken slabs of drywall…) We still need to move the HVAC air vent on the floor before we can finish framing the shower. Then on to more fun stuff: pouring the concrete shower pan. Not sure if we’ll get that far this weekend.

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Bathroom Renovation Stage 3


Demo has begun! This week Jason started tearing down the wall and door frame around the toilet closet and the wall behind the former sink. It’s a dusty mess—which makes doing laundry interesting—but it’s so nice to see major progress!




What’s next: clean up the debris, move the air vent in the floor (over about a foot) and then build the new walls!

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Bathroom Renovation Stage 2


If you missed the before pictures, check out Bathroom Renovation Stage 1.

Recently, hubby and I (ok, I just supervised) took out the pedestal sink and light fixture above it and sold them. (Yay craigslist!)


Then we decided to start our reno by tearing out the tiny, poorly-installed corner shower. I hope we can sell the salvageable parts of it, as well. Here’s the hole where it was:


Next step in our mid-century bathroom renovation is taking out the walls around the toilet closet and moving the HVAC duct in the floor.

Bathroom Renovation Stage 1 of 10


Master bathroom renovations have begun! I forgot to take a true before picture and because our master bath is our least favorite room in our house … we don’t have many pictures of it in the before state. Here’s what I do have:


(Notice the builders’ beige? The only place it’s left in the house.) I created this floor plan a few months ago, which shows how getting rid of the wall around the toilet will create more room for a vanity and building in a large shower will create a separated laundry room (not to scale):


The picture below shows the french door into the master bedroom, the door to the toilet closet and the toilet closet. (Why are bathrooms so hard to photograph?)


We plan to do the walls of the shower and the laundry room and bathroom floors in large gray slate-like tiles. The shower floor and vanity counter-top will be some kind of pretty small tiles. Mid-century 1″ square tiles if we can find some at a salvage yard or online. Any supplier suggestions? Also, we’re hunting for the perfect mid-century vanity/credenza/cabinet/dresser to use as a sink vanity.

By the way, I don’t know if the reno will be 10 stages but we’re definitely taking our time, doing one thing at a time.