Retro Starburst Clock


I’ve been looking for an authentic mid-century modern starburst clock for the dining room since we moved into our house 2 and a half years ago. Oh, I can find ’em … on eBay for $70-200. But I’m looking for the ≤$20 version— the kind you find at yard sales or thrift stores or in your grandma’s basement. Speaking of yard sales, we got this modern, plastic, imitation retro clock for $3 (talked down from $5 … we’re such cheapskates).


Jase surprised me the other day (I LOVE surprises!) by spray painting the clock face and spokes, installing new hands (the originals looked really cheap) and putting the whole thing back together. I really love how it looks now.


But, of course, this is just temporary until we find an authentic “atomic” clock. (Like that alliteration?) And in typical Jason-and-Martina-fashion, we’ll most likely find a steal on the antique real deal and sell the modern imitation for 3-4x more money on craigslist or eBay. Cuz that’s how we roll.


We decided to go with the white chairs in the dining room rather than the blue ones.


Bathroom Renovation Stage 2


If you missed the before pictures, check out Bathroom Renovation Stage 1.

Recently, hubby and I (ok, I just supervised) took out the pedestal sink and light fixture above it and sold them. (Yay craigslist!)


Then we decided to start our reno by tearing out the tiny, poorly-installed corner shower. I hope we can sell the salvageable parts of it, as well. Here’s the hole where it was:


Next step in our mid-century bathroom renovation is taking out the walls around the toilet closet and moving the HVAC duct in the floor.

What my nightstand says about me


What’s on my nightstand?

an IKEA lamp
an copy of Alice in Wonderland from the 1940’s (on loan from my sister-in-law … it belonged to her grandmother)
Paper Source catalog
Geriatric size digital alarm clock


What does this say about me?

I love cheap and modern home decor. I like to read before falling asleep or graze through creative stationery catalogs. I have a very sweet, trusting sister-in-law. My lips are soft in the morning. I can’t see anything more than 18″ from my face without my glasses on. Cleaning is not a priority for me, much to my sweet husband’s perturbation.

* * * * *

That all sounds about right. 🙂 Got this idea from Joy the Baker. She has lots of delicious dessert recipes on her blog. This nightstand reveal idea was actually an intro to a Lemon Rosemary Palmier cookie recipe but I thought it would be fun to do my own.

August Garden Flowers


My favorite flower in our whole garden—acidanthera—just started blooming! God is such an amazing artist.


Our “assorted” zinna have been going strong for almost 2 months now. Do you realize He designed all these crazy, colorful, stunning varieties of flowers for us to enjoy and to point back to His glory? He didn’t have to make any of these.


Jason planted this crepe myrtle last summer and it died back completely over the winter. It’s been busy growing like crazy since spring and now has these breathtaking fushia flower clusters.


I’m so thankful for this guy, who takes care of our beautiful garden and plants flowers just because he knows how much I like them. I am a very happy wife!


Dreaming of Pegboard


Hubby needed a little more convincing about the pegboard. (He already ok’d the cork-tile idea.) So, I searched through my favorite design/home blogs for some additional pegboard inspiration. Here are some lovely kitchen and hallway options I found:


1. The Haystack Needle: Pegboard Pots & Pans
2. Oh Happy Day – Weekend Project: Pegboard
3. Design*Sponge – Pegboard Wall Unit
4. Poppytalk – House Visit: Diani Fayt
5. Design*Sponge Sneak Peak: Christine Boukamp

What do you think of pegboard? Keep it in the garage?

Awkward Space – solution!


We have an angled wall in between our pantry and hallway. (The green wall with the framed poster.) It’s part of the kitchen but essentially wasted space. We let shoes pile up in the triangular floor space. I’ve been wondering for a while how we could make the best use of that space.


Yesterday inspiration struck when I saw a picture from here of cork tiles used along a stairway. I love how it looks modern and clean but it’s also functional as a tack board! Then today, I read the word “pegboard” somewhere and inspiration strike #2! I remembered this picture I saw many months ago of pegboard used in a kitchen to hang pots and spoons. I love it! (I think I originally saw it  here. There is another great example here.)


So my idea is to put a small wood shelf along the wall at about eye level with cork tiles above and pegboard below. It can be totally blank, clean and simple. OR, it can be used as a message center with photos and notes tacked at the top; odds and ends on the shelf and pegboard hooks below for hanging jackets, purses, scarfs, umbrellas, etc. when guests come over! I’m so excited about the idea! I just made a mock up so I can convince corporate that we need to do this:


(click for credit.)