Bathroom Renovation Stage 5

Wow – a lot got done this week! First we cleaned out all the rubble and moved all the salvageable and scrap drywall pieces into the laundry room (we have a laundry room!). Next, we cut a hole in the floor so we could move the vent.


Then, while Jason was prying up wood flooring we had the first accident of our renovation. A board went airborne and hit Jason in the face causing a top tooth to cut deep into his bottom lip. It was pretty bloody then purple for a couple of days but thankfully, nothing major.

Once the flooring was removed we installed drain flange and the rubber PVC liner for the shower pan. Then we hung the concrete backer board on the shower walls – that’s the moisture tolerant concrete material on which we mount the tiles. Notice Jason’s mask? Yeah, after 3 weeks of inhaling drywall dust and waking up in the middle of the night with dry throats we finally decided to buy some masks.


We didn’t finish hanging the board because it got too late and we needed to actually clean up the bathroom. I’m pleased to report that we’re taking a break from renovations this weekend because our friends from Erie are visiting. Yay! Maybe I’ll have something other than bathroom renovation to blog about next week. Look how “clean” it is, you can actually see the floor in this picture!


See our progress here:

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2 Responses to Bathroom Renovation Stage 5

  1. Amy says:

    looks awesome!! i hope josh and i can be crafty (craftsmansy) and tackle cool projects like this!! 🙂

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