Awkward Space – solution!

We have an angled wall in between our pantry and hallway. (The green wall with the framed poster.) It’s part of the kitchen but essentially wasted space. We let shoes pile up in the triangular floor space. I’ve been wondering for a while how we could make the best use of that space.


Yesterday inspiration struck when I saw a picture from here of cork tiles used along a stairway. I love how it looks modern and clean but it’s also functional as a tack board! Then today, I read the word “pegboard” somewhere and inspiration strike #2! I remembered this picture I saw many months ago of pegboard used in a kitchen to hang pots and spoons. I love it! (I think I originally saw it  here. There is another great example here.)


So my idea is to put a small wood shelf along the wall at about eye level with cork tiles above and pegboard below. It can be totally blank, clean and simple. OR, it can be used as a message center with photos and notes tacked at the top; odds and ends on the shelf and pegboard hooks below for hanging jackets, purses, scarfs, umbrellas, etc. when guests come over! I’m so excited about the idea! I just made a mock up so I can convince corporate that we need to do this:


(click for credit.)


3 Responses to Awkward Space – solution!

  1. Ashley says:

    What a great idea! I love the idea of using pegboard in a main space to get all those little things out of the way. An the green the pegboard is paint is yummy. I am currently on a mission to find the perfect green for our kitchen and this one will have to go on the list.

  2. […] I finally got the poster in the mail and found the perfect spot to hang it. We’ve got this funky angled wall in the kitchen. (Someday I’m going to cover it with pegboard & cork.) […]

  3. […] decided to do a mini makeover of our angled kitchen wall. I once had big plans to turn this into a wall of pegboard on the bottom and cork tiles on the top. Apparently a lot of people liked that idea because it’s one of my most popular post. Maybe […]

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