CCM – April 2010


Remember when I took a short leave from my blog a few weeks ago? Here’s one of the projects that was eating up a lot of my time.

This is one of the magazines I design at my day job, CCM. The cool thing about it – it’s all digital. It looks like a magazine on screen but it is interactive with videos and audio and links throughout.

Do you read any digital magazines? If so, which?

(If you go to the link, you’ll have to log in with your e-mail address. This is just a one time thing. Everafter it connects you automatically. The e-mails you’ll get notify of when the new issues are available.)

The Comeback Kid



Monday night hubby and I had the honor of attending a CD preview party for B. Reith with a co-worker. (One of the perks of working for CCM.) I discovered who he is last week (through CCM’s July issue) and Jason and I quickly became fans. B.’s music is a mix of rapping and pop singing with catchy hooks (like Jason Mraz) and hip-hop beats. He can’t decide which he prefers so he does it all and it works!


A friend of a friend hooked up up with his new CD Now is Not Forever, which just came out on Tuesday. It’s quite a diverse mix of musical styles. You can check out his music on myspace. My self-control faltered a little as I snapped a fanarazzi picture of tobyMac and B. Reith with my phone. I’ll refrain from posting it.

CCM Digital – Summer 2009



One of the projects I have the privledge of designing at my job is a quarterly online magazine called CCM Digital. It’s a new release guide featuring faith-based music that’s being released during the quarter. Each issue also features 1 or 2 special sections. In this issue the special features are on worship music and the Christian indie music market.


Check it out, even if you’re not a Christian music fan. The online magazine format is pretty unique as it incorporates hyperlinks, videos and audio right into the “magazine,” which has flipping pages. I hope you enjoy the design, too. This publication is truly a labor love for me, the editor and the other designer who pull this together every 3 months.

Do you read any other digital magazines or online catalogs? What are your favorites?