Enclosed Courtyard

One of our loftier wish list items for our dream house was an outdoor “room,” like a courtyard or atrium. Our architect surprised us with a courtyard was the front entrance to our home. To save money toward the end of construction, we decided we would add the fence and gate to enclose the fourth wall on our own. We finally had a beautiful weekend and time to do a quick project together. Jason and I used the same technique as the modern wood fence we built at our last house. Without the fourth wall, it didn’t really feel like much of a courtyard at all.

IMG_1510 IMG_1512

Now it feel more complete!

IMG_1587 IMG_1590


IMG_1592 IMG_1596

We’ve got our own private retreat. This is quickly becoming our favorite spot for lunch and afternoon popsicles. As it gets warmer, I’ll probably start spending my morning time with God out here, sipping a cup of tea.

IMG_1597 IMG_1599

I’ll do a follow up to this post with pictures of our process, as soon as I get around to editing all the photos.


2 Responses to Enclosed Courtyard

  1. I’m so jealous. Your new house is so amazing! I wish the water mark was a bit more uniform/less distracting though.

  2. fred says:

    Hi what brand of stain did you use? I used 1x4s untreated lumber as well.

    Do you just stain with any sealer?

    What color and brand did you use?

    All we have is home depot here so I see Thompsons Deck Seal as well as Behr Weatherproof Stain ( which can be tinted to many different colors)

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