Mission Accomplished: It’s a Dresser


My big goal for this weekend was to find a dresser for the bedroom our future foster kids will stay in. Eventually, I’d like to add a beautiful vintage dresser but for now we just needed any dresser. I found this specimen for $22.99 at a thrift store in our neighborhood. I spent about 3 hours repairing, sanding and painting it. I spent another $12 on handles and hardware. It’s not big but it will work for now. I painted it the same color green as the little 2 drawer nightstand I painted a couple years ago for our first kids’ room that’s now in Ali’s room. Eventually they may end up in the same room. So here’s my wonky little weekend DIY project, before:


And after:



I need to call our case worker to double-check but I believe all of our requirements to reopen our home as foster parents are now met. BIG SIGH!

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3 Responses to Mission Accomplished: It’s a Dresser

  1. I’m working on doing the same thing for our future foster care child’s room. Any tips on the best paint to use for wood furniture?

    • mahlbrandt says:

      I just used what I had on hand without any research. Not sure how well it will hold up long term… I used white ceiling paint to prime it and satin latex wall paint. It’s still kind of tacky, which is what happened to the first one I painted too. Heavy objects still stick to it and/or peel the paint after 2 years. It could probably use a top coat of something.

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