Phone Photo Friday


Last Years’ Resolutions?


Last year I made 5 New Years Resolutions. (Sorry this post is a little late.)

1. Get more exercise. (Moderate Success)

I did well until it started getting dark before I got home from work. I prefer to jog or walk the dog in the evening but we don’t have sidewalks so … I’ll start up again in a few months.

2. Commit to 1 hour a day for freelance. (Success!)

I’m pretty sure I’m averaging more than 5 hours per week although I don’t really keep track that closely anymore.

3. Memorize 2 verses a month. (Moderate Success)

I successfully memorized Psalm 103:1-19 but stopped there because it started taking too long to reinforce the first verses and keep adding new ones. Make sense? I enjoyed this but I’m not resolving to do it again this year.

4. Pray for 10 minutes a day. (Success!)
(focused 5 min. at 10am and 5 min. at 3pm)

This I did and has been a huge blessing. Not that it’s the only times that I pray, of course, but to always have those specific times for specific purposes has really worked out great. I’m adding 5 more this year. I have pop-up reminders on my computer and I stop what I’m doing for 5 minutes and then get back to work.

5. Read more books. (Fail.)

Why do I bother? This is NOT going back on my list this year. I’m just not enough of a book-reader to make time for it. I’d rather be doing freelance or laundry or crafting something with my hands.

How did you do with your resolutions last year?

Wise Words


“Praise the LORD, O my soul, and forget not all his benefits—who forgives all your sins and heals all your diseases, who redeems your life from the pit and crowns you with love and compassion, who satisfies your desires with good things so that your youth is renewed like the eagle’s.” — Psalm 103:2-5

On Saturday my cousin had a baby. On Saturday my uncle took his life. A birth and a death in the same day. One lifetime of full potential and one hopeless end to a sad life. I have a lot on my mind this week. I’m thankful for the never failing hope I’ve found. It makes all the difference.

Good thing we had bread and milk


We had a “snow storm” last week in Nashville. Thank God it’s just about all melted away now. I may be a former Pennsylvania girl but there is a reason we moved South; I can’t handle this cold! I recognize those clouds …

It’s all about the layering. Seriously, for the past 5 days I’ve been wearing 2 pairs of socks, tights/leggings under my jeans and sometimes 5 or 6 layers on top (tank tops, t-shirts, long sleeve shirts, sweater, 2 zip up hoodies …) Have I mentioned I HATE being cold??

Because it’s a novelty and this is the most snow Nashville has seen in the 6 winters we’ve been here, I did take quite a few photographs. I guess I can appreciate the beauty of it a little bit.

The frost on my car windows when the sun shines on in the morning is particularly charming.

There is a joke around these parts that anytime there are flurries in the forecast, everyone runs out to the grocery store to stock up on bread and milk in case they’re snowed in for days. It’s true – avoid gas stations and groceries stores!

I’m very thankful for the new down puffer coat I got for Christmas. Thanks Mom.

Cute rain boots – zero insulation but 100% water proof.

Ok. I’m ready for summer now. Bring on the heat!

Blue & Yellow Big Box Store


Vintage shopping is fun but IKEA has some nice, practical, well-designed things, too. A few things we picked up from our recent trip:

Kitchen storage shelves for the Penzeys Spices we got for Christmas. (BYGEL)

Machine-washable, rubber-backed door mat! (TOFTBO)

Bigger flower pot for our growing jade plant

Stainless steel waste basket (HULINGEN)

Pillow case for Lucy’s new bed (26″ square pillow GOSA TULPAN) (GÄSPA)

Phone Photo Friday


We got snow in Nashville yesterday. For real. And it actually stuck on the pavement.

Floor lamp & glasses {MCM Thrift Store Finds}


Technically the floor lamp is not a thrift store find since it’s from a legit vintage shop in Cincinnati called Red Polly. But it’s mid-century modern and we found it. A lovely addition to our living room, we think.

At a real thrift store in Cinci we found these OJ glasses that match a pitcher we got here in Nashville a few months ago. They might not be from the same set but they’re pretty darn close. The glasses are Anchor Hocking but the pitcher is unmarked. Cute, huh?

We also found these smokey yellow glasses that reminded us of our grandmothers. I like the shape. There are 4 total but 1 was in the dishwasher when I photographed these.

That’s all for this household but our shopping buddies picked up a few cool things, too:

Retro blue canister set

Blue starburst glass vase

Corning Ware “Spice of Life” canister

Glasbake navy blue star / snowflake casserole dish

Curtis Jere wall sculpture of wheat (from Stu)

Celebrating Everyday Events


The holidays are fun, of course, but isn’t it fun to spontaneously celebrate when something special happens? Like the time we went out for cheese fries in honor of paying off our car. (Didn’t matter where, just had to be cheese fries!)

I got some good news today—a job promotion of sorts; a monthly freelance project—and I need celebratory ideas. Other than going out to eat. Can you help?!

So far I’ve thought of dancing around the house with sparklers … but we don’t have any sparklers and we just did that on New Years Eve. Or chocolate fondue with strawberries and raspberries. Or taking a thermos of hot chocolate on a night time visit to the Parthenon.

(click • for the source)

Bathroom Renovation Stage 7


Our master bathroom makeover has been slow moving, mostly because of the busyness of the holidays. But now we’re back at it full steam with a goal of finishing the shower this month. It’s going to be a challenge since we’re averaging about 4 sq. ft. an hour with these little .75″ unglazed porcelain tiles. One wall is almost done.

We’ve got a good system going now where I pop half the tiles off of each sheet in a random pattern at about the same pace as Jason can stick them up on the wall. If I crop out the unfinished parts and you use your imagination with the grout (we’re thinking gray) this picture gives a pretty good idea of the finished look:

Lost? Here’s the process up to now:

Bathroom Renovation Stage 1

Bathroom Renovation Stage 2

Bathroom Renovation Stage 3

Bathroom Renovation Stage 4

Bathroom Renovation: Tiling!

Bathroom Renovation Stage 5

Bathroom Renovation Stage 6

New Years MCM finds


We had a wonderful New Years in Cincinnati with our dear friends and fellow MCM enthusiests. We ate some delicious food: lobster, pork ribs and sauerkraut, Cincinnati chili, Cheesecake Factory. Some new—from IKEA and H&M—and “new” mid-century purchases—from Red Polly, SA family store and Stu Nizny‘s house (oh the stories!)

I’m so excited to report that we finally found the perfect vintage MCM cabinet to use for our master bathroom vanity. Wow. After a year of searching it’s going to take a while to sink in! (Pun intended that time.) And it fit in our car!

While we were poking around at the thrift store I pointed out a table that looked mid-century. Out of nowhere an  eccentric silver-haired guy in a hot pink down puffer with a saucer-sized belt buckle and white silver-tipped cowboy boots was giving us his business cards, inviting us back to his house to check out his vintage collection, offering us wholesale prices, and listing off his résumé of famous clientele. We shopped around a little more than then took him up on his offer.

Stu’s house was a museum of mid-century and vintage furniture, housewares, glass art, Jeres, vintage t-shirts, suitcases, light fixtures, art … and he was right: he did have several mid-century modern cabinets that fit the very specific dimensions we needed. Thanks for the great deals, Stu! We’ll definitely be back.

I’ll share more about our other finds soon.