Christmas 2009


We had a lovely Christmas. I hope you did, too! Here are some highlights:

Watching home movies on the old reel-to-reel from ranging from 1977 – 1986

Dad’s the only one who knows how to use the projector.

My sister and I rolling the traditional Swedish meatballs on Christmas Eve

Jason said they’re the best he’s ever had (compared to the previous 9 years.)

Jason’s brother Dan and his wife Ginger.

Jason’s parents

Chloe and Jason staying warm by the fireplace

New jeans + funny face + Mom

(I think the look of confusion was because I had just said I left the camera in the car but by the time he was done unwrapping I was standing there with it, taking a picture.)

New hat (t0 match jacket) + new down puffer

Nashville Preds hockey game on Boxing Day. So nice to have Jessica (my favorite sister) and her husband Jeff visiting this year!

Phone Photo Friday


Nashville Preds game last weekend

And here’s the Christmas photo that didn’t get posted in time for last week.