Lamp, Pitcher & Utensil Tray {MCM thrift store finds}

We picked up a couple of little treasures on a recent trip around the Nashville thrift stores.

A retro green silverware tray – not too exciting but I love the color and it has more slots than our old one. And it was 75¢!

Jason’s never going to let me forget that he spotted this lamp FROM THE STREET! Meaning: we were driving past one thrift store on the way to drop off our garage sale junk at the Goodwill and he saw this lamp out of the corner of his eye through the window of the thrift store. That man has eagle vision!

We still need a shade. It had an ugly one paired with it that we left at the store. No thanks. Price: $6.99.

Jason also spotted this neat round plastic carafe. The brand is Alfi and it’s made in Germany.

Sadly, in it’s beautiful roundness it rolled off the counter top and the top broke. It’s no longer a functional piece but it still looks pretty on our display shelf.

2 Responses to Lamp, Pitcher & Utensil Tray {MCM thrift store finds}

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