Gold Cortez & Granada Green {MCM thrift store finds}


Jason and I have been collecting various patterns of mid-century modern dishware from around town. We keep finding pieces from this collection in olive green and gold. They’re glazed ceramic with scallop, half-circle patterns around the edges. It took a lot of research but we finally found the names (they’re unmarked.) Gold Cortez by Homer Laughlin Co. and Sheffield Granada Green. Homer Laughlin is best known for Fiesta Ware.

So far we’ve collected in green: a dinner plate, 5 tea cups, 3 saucers, a coffee carafe and a pitcher that I use for tea. In gold we’ve found: 4 bowls, a coffee carafe (gave away) and most recently: 3 dessert plates and 6 saucers. The most interesting thing is that we’ve found them all over Nashville: an estate sale, a yard sale, a vintage store and 2 different thrift stores.

I wrote this post when we found the bowls. The the olive green coffee carafe makes a great vase:

(Christmas 2009)

(April 2009)

Life is Like a Bowl of Peaches



We got four of these bowls at an antique store recently. Thirty minutes prior we found 3 matching saucers at a thrift store on the same street. In May we found a matching pitcher at a yard sale. Last fall we found 2 pitchers, a dinner plate, a saucer and 5 tea cups in green in the same pattern at an estate sale. So it seems we have a bit of an unusual collection developing here.


The pitcher on the right now belongs to my good friend and fellow MCM home owner. (Rê, I forgot to give you the lid!)


(Sorry, the above pic is really flashed out.) What drives me crazy is that I can’t figure out who makes these! There is no maker’s mark on the bottom and I’ve tried searching for mid-century dinnerware dishes scalloped half-circle pattern glazed gold green ceramic … and every combination of those words with no avail. Has anyone ever seen these?? Please help!