Where have you been?


Sorry for my absence this week. Aside from my day job I’ve been soaking up lots of Jason time: going out for dates, meeting up with friends, taking a day trip to IKEA, working on landscaping projects in the dark, entertaining new friends at our home, watching shooting stars from a hot tub on a cool night … we’ve been been busy, y’all!

Where have YOU been this week?

Bonus phone photo this week: Lucy sticking her tongue out at me after I gave her a bath and a haircut.

More craziness


I’m tired of typing and retyping this story so I’m going to copy this from an e-mail I wrote Tuesday. In short, Lucy was attacked by 2 pit bulls who got loose Monday morning. In trying to rescue her, while the owner was trying to get control of her dogs, my right hand got cut, punctured & bruised and my right knee got scraped up. Lucy is miraculously unhurt. (Seriously, this must be a miracle!) and I’m confident my hand and knee will be fine in a few days. It could have been so much worse. Thank God it wasn’t!

Here’s long story of what happened. Our friends Leila and Jeremy live down the road and around the corner from us. Their house was slowly flooding on Sunday. J is out of the country but on his way home now. We helped Leila on Sunday get out some of her most important items out, move most of the cars/scooters out before they got flooded, etc. Sunday night at 11pm the water was just about at the foundation line (but several feet deep in the yard). Monday morning when I woke up I decided to walk Lucy down to their house to see how things had changed. The water had come up about 4′ and stayed that way most of yesterday.

Right after Lucy and I got down to the edge of the water a neighbor’s two pit bulls got loose out of their back yard and starting charging at Lucy and I. The owner was in her front yard. She yelled “Pick up your dog!” as she took off running after them. In my 2 or 3 seconds to react I decided that picking up Lucy would probably result in me being knocked down by the two dogs that probably each weigh as much as me. They just sniffed for a second and then started jumping on her and biting. It was so scary. I just kept yelling “No! No!” at the dogs. It was probably only a matter of 30 seconds before the owner got her dogs under control. I was trying to pull Lucy away. She was trying to pull her dogs back and at one point, as I tried to pull one of the dogs off of Lucy my right hand made contact with teeth.

I scooped Lucy up right away. Another friend and neighbor was there and I asked if I could put Lucy in her car so she could take us somewhere. Right about that time Leila and her brother Nate pulled up (coming to check on the house). I asked them to take us back home to survey what had happened. Blood was dripping and I was sure Lucy had been cut somewhere. I mean – I could see the dogs mouths around her – I was right there! But we couldn’t find any cuts or puncture wounds on her anywhere. Besides being in shock and pooping and puking for a few minutes, she seemed totally fine.

My hand stopped bleeding pretty quickly and within a few minutes my parents came over and my nurse-mama cleaned me up and bandaged up my hand. I also scrapped up my knee pretty bad on the concrete. This morning Lucy and I are both pretty sore and moving a little slow but she still seems to be fine. My fingers are a little bruised and swollen and I’m taking antibiotics to prevent inflection. It could have been so much worse and I really think it’s a miracle that Lucy is OK. I’m confident my hand will be fine in a few days.



I apologize in advance for the light blogging and/or lack of blogging the next few days. I hate to neglect my blog but I’m currently up to my ears in freelance work (which is in addition to my 9-to-5er) and I need to take a little hiatus. While I’m treading water, please enjoy this picture of my adorable sweet fuzzy-bear dog, Lucy. Or Lucy-Lu-Lu as our friends like to call her. She needs a hair cut. This picture was taken 2 weeks ago. She can hardly see now. Sorry baby!

Lucy and I love daylight saving time. Now it’s still light out when I get home around 6:00 and we can take walks in the evening. It’s good exercise for her and good stress relief for me! I can’t believe all this fuss people make about losing an hour of their precious sleep. Seriously people? Your sleep is that important to you that an hour changes your world?! Oh, don’t get me started! Love ya’ll! Be back soon!

Phone Photo Friday


Phone Photo Friday


Rather than let you draw your own conclusions here, I’ll explain this photo. While visiting our friends, Lucy brushed up against a wall of wet paint and ended up with a blue hip, tail and even some white trim paint on one paw. She kept sitting when I tried to take a picture so I’m holding her up. Lucy’s friends Maggie and Abby apparently saw that as a golden opportunity to sniff her butt.

Hypoglycemia and the Super Feeder


Lucy, the official mid-century modern life mascot, has hypoglycemia. At least that’s what some of my doctor family members have suggested. Her symptoms:

• vomits when she’s hungry and will eat grass or dirt first if it’s available
• got very weak & disoriented after a long walk (first instance)
• trembling (later the night of the first instance)
• seizures – she’s had 3, each one after bouts of exercise before meal time

I found this great resource on dog epilepsy that has suggestions for naturally treating hypoglycemia. It suggests 5 feedings a day—2 dinners and 3 snacks—with snack suggestions like fruit, veggies, crackers, yogurt, hard-boiled eggs, and cottage cheese.

In order to feed Lucy five times a day I ordered her an automatic food dispenser from amazon.com that I call the Super Feeder. It doesn’t make as much noise as I was hoping but she’s getting used to listening for the motor. Lucy’s hypoglycemia prevention schedule is:

• 7:00 am – breakfast: 3/4 cup dog food
• 10:30 am – snack: unsalted cracker with peanut butter
• 2:30 pm – snack: 1/4 cup dog food + milk bone
• 5:30 pm – dinner: 1/2 cup dog food
• 9:30 pm – snack: unsalted cracker with peanut butter

(She’s a 20 lb. cocker spaniel for reference.)

We’re on day 4 and so far no seizures, no trembling or disorientation, and she’s only vomited once (used to be once every 1-2 days). No word on how many pounds she’s gained.

Read more about Lucy here.

Look for another bathroom renovation update tomorrow!

Our Home & Garden in November


These photos were taken November 21, 2009.

We haven’t/hadn’t yet had a frost so our banana tree is still alive and at least 12 feet tall.

All the rain has caused some beautiful moss to grow in one of our bamboo plants.

Our fire pit has seen some good use this year.

The giant pine tree in our front year provides an endless amount of pine cones, pine mulch and shade. The lavender is still going strong. Although I’ve seen a few birds go in and out of our birdhouse, no one has made a permanent home there.

I love this frosty blue-green sage. Lucy, our chocolate cocker spaniel, just turned 5 and has been scaring us a bit with some strange health episode.

We are so crazy about her. Isn’t she just adorable? She’s as sweet and as soft as she looks. (She found a new “bed” in the throw blanket storage box behind the couch.)

The heavenly bamboo out front is producing lots of pretty red berries.

Happy Birthday Lucy!


Our beloved chocolate cocker spaniel puppy, Lucy, turns 5 today!

Lucy gave us a scare over the weekend which led to a lot of spoiling and extra cuddling. She must have pulled a muscle or something on our mile walk on Saturday. When we got home Lucy seemed to have trouble walking and especially going up steps or jumping up on a bench or couch. She was doing a lot of groaning and her legs were shaking.

But, I’m happy to report she seems to be doing very well now and is happy as a clam! She still can’t quite run and leap like usual but she doesn’t appear to be in pain.

If you’ve never read the story of her rescue, you can read it here.

Phone Photo Friday




Lucy loves it when I’m working from home so she can sit on my lap and keep my legs warm.

Have a happy weekend!

Phone Photo Friday




Poor LuLu, my sweet little chocolate cocker spaniel. She absolutely hates having to go out in the rain so walking her is my only choice. At least Lucy’s doggie rain coat is adorable!