Happy Birthday Lucy!

Our beloved chocolate cocker spaniel puppy, Lucy, turns 5 today!

Lucy gave us a scare over the weekend which led to a lot of spoiling and extra cuddling. She must have pulled a muscle or something on our mile walk on Saturday. When we got home Lucy seemed to have trouble walking and especially going up steps or jumping up on a bench or couch. She was doing a lot of groaning and her legs were shaking.

But, I’m happy to report she seems to be doing very well now and is happy as a clam! She still can’t quite run and leap like usual but she doesn’t appear to be in pain.

If you’ve never read the story of her rescue, you can read it here.


One Response to Happy Birthday Lucy!

  1. […] grass or dirt first if it’s available • got very weak & disoriented after a long walk (first instance) • trembling (later the night of the first instance) • seizures – she’s had 3, each […]

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