Hypoglycemia and the Super Feeder


Lucy, the official mid-century modern life mascot, has hypoglycemia. At least that’s what some of my doctor family members have suggested. Her symptoms:

• vomits when she’s hungry and will eat grass or dirt first if it’s available
• got very weak & disoriented after a long walk (first instance)
• trembling (later the night of the first instance)
• seizures – she’s had 3, each one after bouts of exercise before meal time

I found this great resource on dog epilepsy that has suggestions for naturally treating hypoglycemia. It suggests 5 feedings a day—2 dinners and 3 snacks—with snack suggestions like fruit, veggies, crackers, yogurt, hard-boiled eggs, and cottage cheese.

In order to feed Lucy five times a day I ordered her an automatic food dispenser from amazon.com that I call the Super Feeder. It doesn’t make as much noise as I was hoping but she’s getting used to listening for the motor. Lucy’s hypoglycemia prevention schedule is:

• 7:00 am – breakfast: 3/4 cup dog food
• 10:30 am – snack: unsalted cracker with peanut butter
• 2:30 pm – snack: 1/4 cup dog food + milk bone
• 5:30 pm – dinner: 1/2 cup dog food
• 9:30 pm – snack: unsalted cracker with peanut butter

(She’s a 20 lb. cocker spaniel for reference.)

We’re on day 4 and so far no seizures, no trembling or disorientation, and she’s only vomited once (used to be once every 1-2 days). No word on how many pounds she’s gained.

Read more about Lucy here.

Look for another bathroom renovation update tomorrow!