I apologize in advance for the light blogging and/or lack of blogging the next few days. I hate to neglect my blog but I’m currently up to my ears in freelance work (which is in addition to my 9-to-5er) and I need to take a little hiatus. While I’m treading water, please enjoy this picture of my adorable sweet fuzzy-bear dog, Lucy. Or Lucy-Lu-Lu as our friends like to call her. She needs a hair cut. This picture was taken 2 weeks ago. She can hardly see now. Sorry baby!

Lucy and I love daylight saving time. Now it’s still light out when I get home around 6:00 and we can take walks in the evening. It’s good exercise for her and good stress relief for me! I can’t believe all this fuss people make about losing an hour of their precious sleep. Seriously people? Your sleep is that important to you that an hour changes your world?! Oh, don’t get me started! Love ya’ll! Be back soon!

3 Responses to Lucy-Lu-Lu

  1. Amy says:

    also, i had to get up early for church and then my phone was off so i slept in and thank GOD i just woke up randomly at 8, and then thought it was 7, but was only 15 min late for practice.
    hate!! 🙂
    but love the doggie poo!

  2. Susan says:

    Amy- wait until you have kids…eventually you just don’t even notice you lost another hour of sleep. We’ll sleep when we’re dead!

  3. Tara UB says:

    I’m not so upset about the hour of sleep as I am about the way my body feels about it. It just screws up my system for about 3 weeks. Just when I’m getting used to driving to work in semi-daylight, I’m back to darkness. I just need some sunshine in my mornings.

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