A Typical Evening


I imagine other people have typical evenings like this: come home from work, eat dinner together, watch some TV, go to bed.

I’m not sure if Jason and I have EVER had an evening like that. We’re always running around doing this or that … working late, running to the hardware store or grocery store, doing freelance graphic design or music recording projects. Sometimes we eat dinner together but it’s often at 8 or 9. And maybe one night a week we catch up on our favorite shows through Hulu (24, The Office, Modern Family). Our wind-down-relax time rarely starts before 11pm.

The other night I was thinking about what a “typical” night looks like for us and I decided to snap a picture of what we were both doing right before our late dinner break.

Jason was installing a new bowl sink in the guest bathroom. The teal glass one was pretty but impractical – it has about 7 chips in after 3 years. (Only one of which was made by Jason or me.)

I was cutting and packaging wedding invitation orders for my etsy shop.

Will we ever have simple evenings and neat-and-tidy lives? Probably not. That’s why I’m one good beach vacation away from a quarter life crisis.

The Spice of Life


I love the variety that comes with doing freelance work. Today I finished a web site design for a dentist office, resized an ad for a masters program at a university, cut up some business cards for a guitarist and designed/printed/cut fliers for a guitar teacher. And that was all after work!


Tonight was some catch up work. Feels good to get a bunch of things knocked off my to-do-list after a couple of really busy weeks. (The last 2 projects listed are for my lovely husband. He doesn’t pay me but he’s still my favorite client…and if he’s successful, I benefit too, so it all comes around.)