Phone Photo Friday


Bradford Pears: you’re pretty but you STINK!

Spring is Here!


There are flowering trees and bushes everywhere! I’m tempted to snap pictures the whole drive home.

Our neighbor across the street has 2 beautiful flowering trees in his front yard that we get to enjoy from our living room windows. The left is a magnolia, the right is a flowering plum.

We also have a couple of small Japanese flowering plum trees in our yard. This one is flowering more this year than it ever has before!

And some new pictures of our little mid-century modern ranch with our golden yellow forsythia beautifully accenting our front door.

Fall Flowers & Foliage



While we were building mini greenhouses on Saturday, I couldn’t resist taking photos of some of our flowers and plants in their fall splendor. The succulent above seems to change colors for every season. I love the rusty orange-brown for October!


Lavender is still going strong. I love the frosty blue-green leaves against the purple buds. The smell makes me gag, though. 🙂


A couple of red azalea flowers still hanging on.


Monarch butterfly caterpillars enjoying our parsley.


I decided to pick the last of the basil and attempt to preserve it for cooking through the winter. Also, before chopping down the last of the zinnia bushes, I cut a few flowers to make two final vases.


In a random conversation with a stranger, I learned of a technique for saving and storing fresh basil that I decided to try. I cut up the leaves into small strips with cooking shears and mixed them in a bowl with extra virgin olive oil. Then I spooned the mixture into an ice cube tray and drizzled with more EVOO. Once they’re solid, I put the cubes into a ziplock bag. I’m hoping these basil-cubes will work! I LOVE fresh basil in my pasta.


Black bamboo: you are stunning. I love you.

August Garden Flowers


My favorite flower in our whole garden—acidanthera—just started blooming! God is such an amazing artist.


Our “assorted” zinna have been going strong for almost 2 months now. Do you realize He designed all these crazy, colorful, stunning varieties of flowers for us to enjoy and to point back to His glory? He didn’t have to make any of these.


Jason planted this crepe myrtle last summer and it died back completely over the winter. It’s been busy growing like crazy since spring and now has these breathtaking fushia flower clusters.


I’m so thankful for this guy, who takes care of our beautiful garden and plants flowers just because he knows how much I like them. I am a very happy wife!