Happy First Day of Spring! I’ve always been a summer girl—bring on the heat!—but spring in Nashville is breath-taking. (Especially if you have allergies, harharhar…) I love all the flowering trees. Here’s the view out my front door in the morning:

And some various signs of spring from around our yard:

Peaches and Plums


Nashville has all kinds of flowering trees in the Spring and Summer. As a Pennsylvania transplant I was in awe our year. After 5 Springs, I’m still awed by the beauty of God’s creation and the wonder of new life springing up.

I’m so happy to have this tree in our yard. It’s a Japanese Flowering Plum and I love everything about it – the pink flower petals that “snow” off in the breeze, the sweet smell, the dark bark and the deep red leaves. It’s 3 or 4 years old and this is the first year it’s really been blooming in all its glory.

Two summers ago we planted a peach tree. It had fruit on it at the time and after a few months we enjoyed about 6 bites of delicious peach. (They were tiny.) Last year we had too much rain and all of our peaches got black spot. This year it’s flowering beautifully, spring has been mild and we’re hopefully for a good turnout this year.

Not as pretty as the flowering plum but that’s OK — because this one serves a different purpose. Each one of those pretty pink flowers has the potential to become a delicious juicy peach.

Spring is Here!


There are flowering trees and bushes everywhere! I’m tempted to snap pictures the whole drive home.

Our neighbor across the street has 2 beautiful flowering trees in his front yard that we get to enjoy from our living room windows. The left is a magnolia, the right is a flowering plum.

We also have a couple of small Japanese flowering plum trees in our yard. This one is flowering more this year than it ever has before!

And some new pictures of our little mid-century modern ranch with our golden yellow forsythia beautifully accenting our front door.

Phone Photo Friday


Welcome Spring! These are the first trees I spot flowering every year (in 5 points in East Nashville.)