“Forzinnia” … that’s a combination of forsythia and zinnia. A couple weeks ago Ali helped pick out and then plant some zinnia. Last week our forsythia started blooming and she helped me clip some to put in vases. It’s no wonder she was getting the names mixed up! I love, love, love Spring in Nashville. Achoo! The allergies are a small price to pay for the beautify of this time of year.

IMG_0239 IMG_0243 IMG_0244

Our zinnias should hopefully start blooming this month. Hooray for April! It’s a great month to have a baby.


Forsythia in a Boylan Bottle


Our forsythia bush is too small to spare a few sprigs for a vase. While walking Lucy around the block the other night my heroic husband snapped a few off branches of a huge bush in front of an abandoned house. Back home, I stuck them in an empty glass Boylan soda bottle. I love how the yellow matches our throw pillows.

Phone Photo Friday


Bradford Pears: you’re pretty but you STINK!