Love Painting #2


The second “love painting” is finally done and hanging above the new mcm credenza in our bedroom. (Did you see Love Painting #1?) Hubby and I quite pleased with it and we’re already talking about doing more paintings like this.



Third Life


First it was a sheet. Then it was a curtain. Now, in it’s third life, it’s a purse:


I wear a lot of brown but sometimes I wear black so either color purse is out for me. I hate having to switch purses based on my outfit. Lately I’ve been using a white purse but it gets dirty too quickly. The solution: a bold colored purse. Last fall I looked everywhere for a great deal on a jewel blue purse. This year, I decided to make my own by repurposing some materials I had lying around.


I’m pretty proud of this little bag. I made a liner out of a vintage, flower-pattern sheet with a zipper interior pocket for little hideaways and 3 custom pockets for my cell phone, lipstick and receipts. The flower broach pin/hair clip is from Target.


Love Painting #1


On Valentine’s Day this year hubby and I decided to do an impromptu painting together. Somehow it got nicknamed “the love painting.” I really enjoy abstract paintings, especially those done quickly, because they capture the emotion, the passion, the energy of the moment in which they’re created. This is abstract but also graphic. It means something very specific and personal to us.


This week, hubs and I are planning to create Love Painting #2. We have a big empty space in our bedroom above our new dresser. Last night we procured a scrap piece of plywood. And now I’ve come up with some ideas for a meaningful graphic overlay. Look for the a picture of #2 next week!

Sidenote: we desperately need a mid-century modern chair to replace that poang.