Love Painting #1

On Valentine’s Day this year hubby and I decided to do an impromptu painting together. Somehow it got nicknamed “the love painting.” I really enjoy abstract paintings, especially those done quickly, because they capture the emotion, the passion, the energy of the moment in which they’re created. This is abstract but also graphic. It means something very specific and personal to us.


This week, hubs and I are planning to create Love Painting #2. We have a big empty space in our bedroom above our new dresser. Last night we procured a scrap piece of plywood. And now I’ve come up with some ideas for a meaningful graphic overlay. Look for the a picture of #2 next week!

Sidenote: we desperately need a mid-century modern chair to replace that poang.


3 Responses to Love Painting #1

  1. renata Moore says:

    On the note about the chair, you guys must come to Cincy for that, we found an awesome mid century used furniture store called “red Poly”!!! Great furniture and good prices too!!!! We went there last weekend but we were looking for a rocker and had no luck… Can’t wait to see your next painting!!!

    • mahlbrandt says:

      Next time we come up (if we don’t spend every moment oohing and awwing over Benjamin) we definitely need to do some furniture hunting. I’ll look at craigslist before we come up, too.

  2. […] The painting was done by Jason and me several years ago on Valentine’s Day so we call it the Love Painting. I made the “Lovely Day x 3563″ poster for Jason as a gift for the 10th anniversary of […]

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