The Comeback Kid



Monday night hubby and I had the honor of attending a CD preview party for B. Reith with a co-worker. (One of the perks of working for CCM.) I discovered who he is last week (through CCM’s July issue) and Jason and I quickly became fans. B.’s music is a mix of rapping and pop singing with catchy hooks (like Jason Mraz) and hip-hop beats. He can’t decide which he prefers so he does it all and it works!


A friend of a friend hooked up up with his new CD Now is Not Forever, which just came out on Tuesday. It’s quite a diverse mix of musical styles. You can check out his music on myspace. My self-control faltered a little as I snapped a fanarazzi picture of tobyMac and B. Reith with my phone. I’ll refrain from posting it.