Phone Photo Friday


I’m trying out a new app on my Droid called Retro Camera.


Phone Photo Friday


Phone Photo Friday


Christmas 2010


My last post on our mid-century modern Christmas 2010 is a recap through photos. (I’m still in vacation mentality so most of these are staight-out-of-camera shots.) First, we got together with Jason’s parents, his brother and our sister-in-law (who is 7.5 months pregnant with our niece) at our house for an early, laid-back celebration. We played dominos, ate pizza, opened presents and watched a movie.

Then, for Christmas weekend, we drove with my parents to my brother and sister-in-law’s house in Pennsylvania. We had great weather the whole way. Clear roads and snow on the ground in some places.

Lucy came along. She sat on my lap most of the way. Jason gave me a new camera for Christmas so I was still trying to learn it over the holiday. It’s a Nikon Coolpix. (I got him rain boots and a drill bit & driver set, in case anyone cares.)

This is Lucy’s cousin Queso. She’s wearing a Penn State sweater.

Hi Mama!

My brother-in-law Jeff and my brother Aaron

Jason and I accidentally matched our black and white striped shirts on Christmas Eve.


Our Swedish meatballs on Christmas Eve tradition. Jessica, mama and me.

My sister-in-law Laura gave Aaron a pair of thrifted cowboy boots as a joke. The joke is on her when he starts wearing them for real!

Queso got a new toy from Aunt Martina and Uncle Jason.

Jason enjoying his new subscription to Money magazine.

Dad spent a lot of time playing with is new iPad.

Lucy is very tolerant.

Aaron, Laura, my parents.

Jeff’s sister Megan, his dad, Jess and Jeff.

Neko got a new bone from Aunt Martina and Uncle Jason.

Me, Jason, Jessica on Christmas Day 2010

A major snow storm was forecasted to hit Eastern Pennsylvania on Sunday night so we left a day ahead of schedule and headed home a different route, which led us right through Cincinnati were our dear friends live. They generously offered to host us overnight. It was a great Christmas gift to get to see them again this year!

Phone Photo Friday


Guess who turned 6 years old on Wednesday?

Where have you been?


Sorry for my absence this week. Aside from my day job I’ve been soaking up lots of Jason time: going out for dates, meeting up with friends, taking a day trip to IKEA, working on landscaping projects in the dark, entertaining new friends at our home, watching shooting stars from a hot tub on a cool night … we’ve been been busy, y’all!

Where have YOU been this week?

Bonus phone photo this week: Lucy sticking her tongue out at me after I gave her a bath and a haircut.

More craziness


I’m tired of typing and retyping this story so I’m going to copy this from an e-mail I wrote Tuesday. In short, Lucy was attacked by 2 pit bulls who got loose Monday morning. In trying to rescue her, while the owner was trying to get control of her dogs, my right hand got cut, punctured & bruised and my right knee got scraped up. Lucy is miraculously unhurt. (Seriously, this must be a miracle!) and I’m confident my hand and knee will be fine in a few days. It could have been so much worse. Thank God it wasn’t!

Here’s long story of what happened. Our friends Leila and Jeremy live down the road and around the corner from us. Their house was slowly flooding on Sunday. J is out of the country but on his way home now. We helped Leila on Sunday get out some of her most important items out, move most of the cars/scooters out before they got flooded, etc. Sunday night at 11pm the water was just about at the foundation line (but several feet deep in the yard). Monday morning when I woke up I decided to walk Lucy down to their house to see how things had changed. The water had come up about 4′ and stayed that way most of yesterday.

Right after Lucy and I got down to the edge of the water a neighbor’s two pit bulls got loose out of their back yard and starting charging at Lucy and I. The owner was in her front yard. She yelled “Pick up your dog!” as she took off running after them. In my 2 or 3 seconds to react I decided that picking up Lucy would probably result in me being knocked down by the two dogs that probably each weigh as much as me. They just sniffed for a second and then started jumping on her and biting. It was so scary. I just kept yelling “No! No!” at the dogs. It was probably only a matter of 30 seconds before the owner got her dogs under control. I was trying to pull Lucy away. She was trying to pull her dogs back and at one point, as I tried to pull one of the dogs off of Lucy my right hand made contact with teeth.

I scooped Lucy up right away. Another friend and neighbor was there and I asked if I could put Lucy in her car so she could take us somewhere. Right about that time Leila and her brother Nate pulled up (coming to check on the house). I asked them to take us back home to survey what had happened. Blood was dripping and I was sure Lucy had been cut somewhere. I mean – I could see the dogs mouths around her – I was right there! But we couldn’t find any cuts or puncture wounds on her anywhere. Besides being in shock and pooping and puking for a few minutes, she seemed totally fine.

My hand stopped bleeding pretty quickly and within a few minutes my parents came over and my nurse-mama cleaned me up and bandaged up my hand. I also scrapped up my knee pretty bad on the concrete. This morning Lucy and I are both pretty sore and moving a little slow but she still seems to be fine. My fingers are a little bruised and swollen and I’m taking antibiotics to prevent inflection. It could have been so much worse and I really think it’s a miracle that Lucy is OK. I’m confident my hand will be fine in a few days.