Phone Photo Friday

Screen Shot 2013-07-25 at 9.01.48 PM

I never did manage to get a blog post written for yesterday. I have two half written…one about how much Buzz has grown and changed over the past 3 months and another one about my relationship with his mom through this experience…and I never could bring myself to finish either one. So much emotion swirling around and I’m just not ready to share it yet.

Last night on our maybe last night with Buzz, we got takeout from Calypso Cafe, went out to ice cream at Jeni’s with Grandma and Grandpa, played with bikes and bubbles in the driveway and then had a glow-in-the-dark bath before bed. It was a fun night and I didn’t get teary this time. (Last time I thought it might be his last night with us I started reading him one of my favorite books Sleep, Baby, Sleep at bedtime and I started crying.)

Most of my Phone Photo Friday pictures are from my Instagram feed. Follow me @mahlbrandt if you’d like!


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