Programmable Timer Light Switch

While we’re waiting to break ground, I’ve been pouring over the plans for our new house hunting for anything productive we can do now. I’ve even studied the electrical schematic, looking at where light switches will be placed for which lights.

Our last house was lit at night by a spotlight kit we got at the local big box store. It came with a timer box, which eventually broke and we just put a regular programmable timer between the outlet and the plug for the lighting system. We had the lights automatically come on at dusk and shut off in the early morning hours (around 4am, usually). In the winter when it got dark at 5:30, it was so nice to arrive home from work to a lit up house. It increased our home security also, since anyone snooping around our house would have been hit with spotlights, making it difficult to be unnoticed by our close neighbors. When I saw the light plan for our new house and the marker for a light switch by the front door that operates the front under-eaves down lights, I had an idea. Surely, someone makes a programmable light switch; one that can be set to flip on and off at set times everyday.

Good old! Seems like I can find almost anything on there! I have two of these Honeywell 7-Day Programmable Timer Switches ($28.75 with free shipping)on my wish list for our new house—one for the front lights and one for the back lights. It can have a different program for everyday of the week. It fits a standard light switch box with a standard face plate (same size as a GFCI outlet, I think) and it comes in white. Perfect!


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  1. […] day, we spotted programmable light switches. This one made by GE is only $19.97; a better deal than I found last week. We got one for the front lights at my parents house so we’ll get to test it out and see if […]

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