Mack the square chair and Sarah the lamp

I’ve decided to start naming vintage furnishings when we buy them. For fun, ya know, to give them a little more personality! We did a little thrift store shopping recently and found Mack, this boxy upholstered arm chair. I’m teaching myself to reupholster furniture (with books and YouTube vidoes) and I think this will be my first official furniture job. I want to tackle the 3 piece sectional (now named Sylvester) but it’s intimidating. If I can do this chair, I can repeat the same process three times on the sofa.

I think Mack would benefit from a set of brand new 6″ wooden cone legs after it has some new upholstery. It’s lightweight, quite comfortable and in great condition.

We also scored this lamp, Sarah, for $2 (half-off day at Goodwill—woohoo!), which happens to be very similar to this lamp we already own. With matching shades, they’ll look like sisters.

Sarah’s long lost sister



4 Responses to Mack the square chair and Sarah the lamp

  1. melissa says:

    the chair is so great! i would strongly suggest that you find an upholstery class or beg an upholsterer to teach you how to upholster the chair. i tried doing it myself after reading through some tutorials, books, blogs and what not. then took a class and realized that i underestimated the craftsmanship involved.

    • mahlbrandt says:

      I’ve searched high and low for classes but I can’t find one anywhere! We’ve done a couple chairs before just winging it but I feel more confident this time after doing more research and getting more tools.

  2. PDustin says:

    I’d almost leave the chair upholstery the way it is and just add the legs. Looks awesome to me. I love 1/2 off Goodwill days! Nice finds. Jealous of the chair though.

  3. PDustin says:

    Oh,and FYI- I talk to my stuff before I buy it. You know,so it will be OK with hanging out with me.LOL!
    Used to be a show on TV called “The Stagers” and Matt,a guy who I’ve come to know a little from his blogs who was on the show quite a bit used to do that. Guess I picked up his quirky habits. Hmm,maybe they need names too.

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