No Luck, part 1


Luck is a funny thing. Wikipedia defines Luck or fortuity is a belief in good or bad fortune in life caused by accident or chance, and attributed by some to reasons of faith or superstition, which happens beyond a person’s control. I firmly DO NOT believe in luck or fortuity or superstition. I believe in a Holy God who is in control of everything in the universe and everything that happens does so because He allows it or prevents it or causes it. God’s sovereignty is bigger than chance. (See Proverbs 16:33)

I’m kind of disgusted with how often I hear Christians say “good luck,” “fingers crossed” or “knock on wood.” Once I even saw a friend say, “I guess it’s not in the cards.” What?! I know it’s such a common part of our language that people are saying these things without realizing what they mean. But seriously people, think about what is coming out of your mouth.

Wise Words


“Many people have a crisis-based relationship with God. They only speak to Him when they’re in trouble. They try to muster their faith when it’s too weak to move God. Then they get mad to God as if it was His fault.” — Lindell Cooley

No Bake Oatmeal Cookies


Some people call them No Bakes. I always called them Chocolate Oatmeal Cookies. Whatever you call them, they’re quick and easy and tasty and I’m not sure why in my adult life I have never made them. Jason had a few made by my mom a few months ago and has since requested that I make them.

Last night I finally went hunting for the recipe card over at mom’s. Here they’re called No Bake Oatmeal Cookies. I love old handwritten recipe cards, don’t you? I love how it’s all dirty and worn and has penciled-in notes for halfing the recipe.

I pulled together all the ingredients. Thankfully, I had everything on hand except oatmeal. Dang, what’s a lot of sugar. These are basically candy … Also, I had to ask a friend what oleo is. (Butter) I use salted butter so I skip the pinch of salt in the recipe.

I made these as a surprise for Jason so hopefully he’s not reading this. (Are you, babe?) They came out pretty freaking good. I hope he likes! 🙂

Here’s the recipe/directions if you want to make some of your own:

Pour 2 cups sugar, 2 tbsp cocoa, 1/2 cup milk and 1 stick of butter into a saucepan. Heat to a boil and cook for 2 minutes. Remove from heat and stir in 4 tbsp peanut butter, 1 tsp vanilla and 3-3.5 cups of oatmeal. Drop spoonfuls onto a wax paper or foil and allow to cool. Enjoy!

Phone Photo Friday


Cobalt Creamer & Sugar Bowl Set


A repost from East Nashville Atomic

Originally posted March 4, 2009

When I saw this at an estate sale, it immediately caught my eye. I was looking for items to resell which is a new venture for me. I know that I have to get a great price on something legitimately valuable. Although this set is beautiful and unique, it doesn’t have a designer/maker listed on the bottom which concerned me. It also was priced a little high. I thought about it a while but decided to pass.

Two days later we went back to the estate sale (It was a 3 day sale) to see what was left. I was surprised to find that it was still there. Not only was everything reduced to 50%, one of the sale workers who we had spent some time talking to at our earlier visit kept giving us even better deals. We ended up getting this set for only $3. After Jason carefully washed our purchases and I photographed each piece, I decided that even if I sold this set for $20 I’d still be sad to part with it. Jason encouraged me to just keep it. After all, it was only $3 and I LOVE it!

Our biggest, heaviest MCM find yet!


A repost from East Nashville Atomic

Originally posted on March 3, 2009

Two weeks ago Jason and I found this beast at an estate sale. We fell in love with the design and color. It’s big. It’s long. It’s a sleeper sofa. A mid-century sleeper sofa. Therefore, it is HEAVY! We’re guessing it’s at least 300 lbs. No joke. And in case you’ve never thought of it before—I hadn’t—the people who work at estate sales won’t help you load or move your purchases. Can you imagine Jason and I (who weigh less than 300 lbs. combined) dragging this sofa across a carpeted living room, shoving it through the front door and putting all the energy we had left into lifting it, carrying and heaving it onto a friend’s borrowed truck? I still can’t believe I was capable of that! The next 2 days my arms, legs and back were all sore. I’m so thankful that neither of us got hurt! The sofa is vinyl and needed a little repair but Jason did an awesome job! I helped to mix the colors—one of my specialties—from the vinyl repair kit. By the way, this beautiful specimen cost only $25!

More Pictures of our Weekend Treasures


A repost from East Nashville Atomic

Originally posted September 21, 2008

The new tables, in their new home: