Our biggest, heaviest MCM find yet!

A repost from East Nashville Atomic

Originally posted on March 3, 2009

Two weeks ago Jason and I found this beast at an estate sale. We fell in love with the design and color. It’s big. It’s long. It’s a sleeper sofa. A mid-century sleeper sofa. Therefore, it is HEAVY! We’re guessing it’s at least 300 lbs. No joke. And in case you’ve never thought of it before—I hadn’t—the people who work at estate sales won’t help you load or move your purchases. Can you imagine Jason and I (who weigh less than 300 lbs. combined) dragging this sofa across a carpeted living room, shoving it through the front door and putting all the energy we had left into lifting it, carrying and heaving it onto a friend’s borrowed truck? I still can’t believe I was capable of that! The next 2 days my arms, legs and back were all sore. I’m so thankful that neither of us got hurt! The sofa is vinyl and needed a little repair but Jason did an awesome job! I helped to mix the colors—one of my specialties—from the vinyl repair kit. By the way, this beautiful specimen cost only $25!

2 Responses to Our biggest, heaviest MCM find yet!

  1. Charlene says:

    In reply to your posting that estate sale people don’t help you haul your purchases……I had to laugh a bit, as I have run this business for over ten years and all the “hauling” and lifting we have done has definitely taken its toll….now we say “bring your own muscle” to move furniture, etc. We just can’t do it and some people don’t get it. We have sales every weekend…..can you imagine moving large items like that every weekend? I have one guy who works for me who is 64 and has knee replacements and every time someone asks him for help carrying something, he says yes, as he is such a nice guy (former fire chief)…..I have to tell him to stop. One guy last week wanted him to carry a 200 lb safe (small but HEAVY) up the basement stairs for him and he told me “well he said ok” and I said “well I’m saying no he’s not”…….so hopefully you can understand just a little what we go through on a weekly basis (to say nothing of the lifting and moving we do during the setup process) along with dealing with mice droppings, dead mice, mold, dust, pet danger, plain old dirt…..you name it, we find it. But there are many rewards to the job, one of them being some really nice people we meet…so we keep on plugging along. Glad you found a nice MCM treasure….we are getting more and more of it lately here in the Chicago area!!

    • mahlbrandt says:

      Charlene, totally makes sense! It just didn’t occur to us when we jumped at the opportunity to buy the heaviest couch known to man. Our buddy came out with his truck but he has a bad back so really couldn’t help. It was a funny scene but makes for a good store. For the future: bring some friends to help more heavy furniture!

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