Modern Wood Fence – Step 5: Transport


I tricked you… my last update on the fence showed our progress of staining, nailing planks and troubleshooting and I said the next update would be more of the same. Jason and I worked really hard all day on Saturday trying to take advantage of a rare day off together and the gorgeous weather. We worked so fast that I didn’t stop to take a single picture. Except for this one of our last load of wood from Lowes.

These are our vehicles. We don’t have a truck, a van or an SUV. (Although we secretly wish we had a minivan!)  We have compact and mid-size sedans and we make them work. We lost track of how many roundtrips to the hardware store it took us to get all the wood for the fence. Probably around 7 or 8 trunk-loads.

Lowes was running a sale the past 5 days that was definitely working in our favor. With every transaction we were given a coupon for $10 off our next purchase of $50 or more. Each trunk-load cost approx $100 so we saved at least $30 this weekend with our last 3 trunk-loads. We weren’t planning that or trying to cheat their system, it just happened that way.

Pictures of the actual fence progress will be coming soon. We have a couple more sections to finish with planks, a few troubleshooting areas, some finishing details, 2 gates to make and a whole lotta staining left to do.


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